Adding sounds to AVI

How do I add a wav file to a 256 color MRLE AVI file and keep the same pallette that is in the original AVI file?

Sounds easy dosn`t it, WRONG!

The AVI files i`m using started life as FLC and are not in a standard pixel size ( 320 by 240 for example). They are all different sizes.

I have tryed various packages and all do not work at all. These include;
Adobe Premire, this couldn`t work out the correct pallette, even though I told it to use the same pallette loaded from disk!!!

VideoTrope, this looks really good if only it worked! It either crashed or corrupted the image after adding the sound.

Various other AVI editors downloaded from the net, all these either couldn`t save MRLE or couldn`t add sound etc.

I would have thought this was a easy question to answer, but as i`ve found out, using a set 256 color pallette in a Microsoft RLE AVI just isn`t working on any animation package i`ve found.

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Well, if you're trying to add sounds to an existing AVI and try to save it, most programs will try to re-compress the movie, usually ending up with really phunkdified colors (phunkdified : 1. adj. screwed up 2. adj. psychedelic, take your pick).
Your best bet is sometimes Microsofts (gasp) own editor, which is powerful when you're doing certain things, like converting movie types and so on, but then sucks at other things.
Anyhow, it has many options as far as compression goes. AND you can just add a WAV into the beginning of the movie pretty easily.
You might want to try it (it's called Microsoft Video Editor and I think it's on the Win95/98 CD, but if not, then you can find it pretty easily on Microsoft's site) and ease up on the compression when you save it. (It'll let you save it as a bunch of different formats)
I've done this hundreds of times with Premiere!

But something is not clear to me. Do you want to merge an FLC and a WAV to an AVI, or do you want to want to merge an AVI (which was an FLC before) and a WAV to an AVI?

Both ways should work perfectly. If not, you are definitly doing something wrong. Re-check your output quality settings, put it at 100%. This way you will hardly have any loss of quality compared with the source videoclip.

If this does NOT help then the only other thing you can do is pray.....
gnimmelAuthor Commented:
As mentioned in the question i`ve tried Adobe premire and it didn`t work. It didn`t convert the colors very well at all, even though the palette I gave it was the same as the AVI.

It dosn`t matter to me weather it`s converted from FLC or AVI to a AVI as I can make a MRLE AVI file from the FLC that the animations started as.

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