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Sometimes my banshee ****s up my screen! It's some kind of endless loop. the problem comes up with an ASUS and QDI mainboard.
It ain't the powersavings (software AND hardware).
It ain't the drivers, tried te newest WWW.SOUNDBLASTER.COM
It ain't the card, I sell 'em and see loads of 'em with ****.
WHO-O-WHO smell's my problem. Explain, and remove my pain!
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MetallicAConnect With a Mentor Commented:

YOU SHOULD RESEARCH.  THE TNT IS BETTER THAN THE VOODOO2.  Just because it costs less doesn't mean that it is worse.  The only kind of Voodoo2 better than the TNT is 2 Voodoo2's running in SLI Mode.  Maybe you should do some research and not just compare prices.
Why not edit the question and clean up the foul language?
First of all, a Banshee isn't a 3D card, is 500 times worse then the new RIVA TNT and has absolutely nothing to do with 3DFX drivers. Although they are supposed to be 3DFX compatible, they aren't. Very few games support them. A second bad thing is that it uses a 3DFX related chip to manage 2D applications !!!!?? Why ? It doesn't make sense. Your prob is either a manufacterer's problem ( like my ABIT BX mainboard refuses to accept an internal modem ) or a chip problem, but then you would have probably noticed it from the first microsecond you started to use it.
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The Banshee is a very good card, except for the fact it has no multitexturing.  But it does have a 100mhz clock ( unlike like the TNT 90mhz) which evens it out.  Every 3dfx game i have tried works with my banshee.  Either you work for Nvidia or you just hate 3dfx for some reason.  Maybe you should become a little more educated then start rippin on some card.  Until then, i will be here to correct you.
Um, BabyBoomer, you been listening to some 3Dfx haters again? Don't tell me, you bought a Rush thinking that all the media hype was true (though it wasn't 3Dfx's hype).
The Voodoo Banshee is a 3D card, and it uses an I-N-T-E-G-R-A-T-E-D 2D controller. Omigodwotwosthatword?
The TNT is faster, yes. But where I live it was out later and it is more expensive. Furthermore, the TNT uses an I-N-T-E-G-R-A-T-E-D 2D controller too. Strange that.
Did you notice that many games weren't compatible with the Voodoo2 when it was released and many games had compatability patches released? 90% of the time the Banshee will work with a game, and those that it doesn't work with generally require a Voodoo2 patch which the Banshee will work with 90% of the time. Is your card compatible with games designed for native Riva128 operation?
Oh, furthermore, the theoretical throughput of Floating Point ops with a PII400 is 0.4 Billion MFLOPS. A Voodoo2 is only pushed to about 1/3 of it's max theoretical capability by this.
I stand to correct you too, and you stand corrected. You obviously have no idea. I admit the TNT is a better card, but that doesn't mean the Banshee is crap.
Um, sorry I haven't got your problem. If you used that Colorific 3Deep and whatever the otherone was try and remove that from your system.

The Banshee is an inferior card to the Riva TnT, but then again, both cards are inferior to the Voodoo 2.. If you haven't noticed, the Voodoo 2 cost the most, followed by the Riva TnT, and then the Banshee... Why do you think that is? The Banshee DOES have a compatibility issue with the 3dfx drivers, and one game I know it does not work too well with is Quake 2.. It will run quake 2, but at a lower frame rate and quality then a TnT.. In my opinion all you guys do is post your biased opinions, and NO facts..
Ah, west I cannot agree with you. I have a lowly k6200 with a Banshee and Quake2 is of the SAME image quality as a Voodoo2, I have seen both. The only difference is that the VoodooII is able to multi-texture much faster than the Banshee due to having a second texel management unit. Otherwise it is almost identical. The TnT on the other side runs in 32bit color as opposed to the Voodoo family runnning at 16bit. It can also render using anisotropic filtering which doesn't wash out textures like bilinear and to a smaller extent trilinear filtering. That enough facts? If you would like to beleive it or not you are posting you opinion by saying that this card is superior to that.
The Voodoo 2 is superior in speed, not nessisarily quality.. The quality of the Riva TnT, as far as I've seen, is better, however the Frame rate is lower.  The only time I've seen a Riva TnT compare to a Voodoo 2 in speed was when it was overclocked to 125 Mhz.  I get my facts from actually use of the product, not by what the product is supposed to do, and how the hardware is supposed to function.

This page I have found to be very accurate, but due to the superior resolution of the Riva TnT the Voodoo 2 could only be compared in SLI mode, which it was obviously better.. Unfortunately, a single Voodoo 2 could not be compared.  

BTW, Thank you for facts, it was much more insiteful than Metallica's response.  BTW the k6-200 isn't lowly, I mean, it could've been a Cyrix 6x86 200+ :)

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