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Is there any way to instruct the browser to create a page break when printing a specific page.  I am use IE4.
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MasseyMConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It is possible using CSS for NS & IE 4, but both are ERY buggy and don't support it very well  use this:

<BR STYLE="@page:page-break-before">

that should print a "page-break", but it doesn't always work.
No, not possible...
clsmasterAuthor Commented:
I'll check this out and see what I get.  If it works and most of the time and no one gives a something that works all the time I'll give you the points

Hmm..I am not aware of the @page css tag.

anyhow, if that works, good.

if not, this question has been asked and answered before, see:
This keeps coming up - the answer given does work (according to the documentation),; however, in real life it does not!
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