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Banshee vs Riva TNT

What is the difference between Banshee chipset and Riva TNT chipset?

What card should I need Banshee or Riva TNT chipset one to run the 3D Studio Max in the best performance?
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My vote is for TNT
Neither, these cards are for gaming use.  For 3D Studio Max. you will need cards 3DLabs Glint MX or Oxygen cards...
larbel is correct, 3D studio Max is not optimized for the Riva or 3DFX like many of the new games are now days.

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Niether would be that good for 3d Studio Max, as they are both made for gaming.  But if you do want one, get the TNT, it is the better of the two.

Banshee- 100mhz core and memory clock, no multitexturing, very compatable with most games.
TNT- 90mhz core and memory clock, single pass multitexturing, not as compatable with older games but very compatable with newer.

Card to get (mainly for games):
Those are just a few differences, but if you want one of the two, go with the TNT, not only is it a little faster, but better visual quality.  The Banshee may have a faster clock, but no multitexturing really hurts it for new games coming out.

Card for 3d Studio Max:
the cards larbel mentioned, or a new ATI all in wonder card.  TNT and Banshee are meant to be used for gaming.
lewis_looAuthor Commented:
What card should I use for better performance only in 3D Studio Max? not for gaming
Get a Quantum3D card or one of the ones mentioned by larbel, Banshee and TnT ARE for gaming. I assume you can't afford one though, or are just looking at as a hobby. I'd get a TnT mainly because it does have the extra features and a higher rendering quality than the Banshee. The Banshee was designed by 3Dfx to be a budget solution, while the TnT is intended to compete directly with the higher-end cards.
I'd say a Diamond FireGL4000 would be nice for 3dsmax :))

As far as Banshee or Riva TnT, either would be okay, but neither would actually help.. One card you might want to try is a Hercules Beast, those are around $70-$90, and are AGP 2X and it actually accelerates the wireframe in Truespace... Hopee that helps...

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