Heretic e5m6 colonnade

In Heretic e5m6 (Colonnade), how to go to the west most area? There is a switch inside the west-most area that lowers another platform into to pool area containing the yellow key. But I have found no method to get inside the west-most area. Why?
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schneider1978Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Well, repeating the answer then:

Have you tried shooting or hitting the wall with the stick or the Necromancer's Gloves? Heretic uses the same engine as DOOM, and there's a flag that opens doors when they're hit, just like DOOM's 2nd level when you get the fabulous chainsaw.

Irene012397Author Commented:
Already been there. Not mentioned.

Thanks for replying. Glad that anybody still remembers what Heretic is!

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You could try to get the whole map and see if you can figure it out, you'll have to type "Ravmap" to get it. And ofcourse there are people outthere who remember Heretic!!!!
Irene012397Author Commented:
I've typed this before, but Experts Exchange crashed my windows (as it often does).

Yes I've ravmap'ed before. That why I know a room is inside and not just a silly looking wall. I've kitty'ed in, and found that the right sequence to visit the level is with this room. Just don't know how to get inside in the first place.

Seems Heretic is not as famous as Doom and Quake, although I love Heretic much more than the other two.
Irene012397Author Commented:
And BTW, Heretic is "dated". Gamers only know about Quake II engine and Lara Croft. And from the stores, it seems Heretic II isn't selling as good as Quake II and Unreal.
Have you tried shooting or hitting the wall with the stick or the Necromancer's Gloves? Heretic uses the same engine as DOOM, and there's a flag that opens doors when they're hit, just like DOOM's 2nd level when you get the fabulous chainsaw.

Don't worry, Irene. There's a lot of people that still care about those old classics. I still play them a lot (even Wolf 3D and Spear of Destiny, do you know these?) and I'm continuously developing new tools for those games. Keep contact, I'm planning on making my DOOM patches available somewhere so you could take a peek at my work for yourself.

Have you tried Hexen yet? Very Heretic like, very good engine improvements, like Earthquakes, etc... I'm curently working on a port of DOOM to the Hexen engine so I could make use of those features, like the jump key, character selection and up/down aim. The freeze effect is also amazing.
Irene012397Author Commented:

answer, don't comment. I'd accept it.

Wolf3D's too old for me. Heretic is the very first game that ever make me continue to play. Actually, I tried and discarded Quake. Then I played Heretic. Found it attractive, learnt about id software, and go back to play Quake.

Yes, Hexen is fun! I like the flying leaves, but the moving walls have lots of script problems, especially when some ettins corps are in their way. But my major dissatisfaction comes from the low weapon count! Doom has 9 (?), Heretic has 7 (actually why isn't the last one ever documented anywhere? I am not sure whether it is any more powerful than other weapons, except that it fires at a very rapidly). 4 is horribly dull. Probably I should use cheat codes to move from class to class during combat.

Just killed Korax in Christmas.

Doom patches? you mean like Boom or glDoom?

Porting Doom to Hexen engine? The jump key will spoil too many levels that depend on the fact that you can't walk across a knee high barrier.

I shadowcasted into Assassin now...

Well, the DOOM patches I was talkin' about are patches for new levels, new enemies, new player and new weapons. Stuff like:

-Flame Thrower; (the enemies continue in flames after the barrage);
-Bigger weapons;
-Ninjas; (instead of imps)
-Play as a Friday the 13th Jason; (very cool on network games)
-Rocket sprays smoke;
-Seeker Rockets;

I found it very interesting to discuss these subjects with you. Looks like you're also involved in programming. You can reach me at if you wish to keep in contact, I would be pleased.
Irene012397Author Commented:
I think I never have to shoot a door in any Heretic level before. The chaingun in Doom I level 2? I can't remember the Doom I levels except the first and last levels of the first episode. Maybe I failed to get the chaingun as well!

I am incapable of doing any games programming. Neither skill nor time is available. I don't even have the time to beta test things because of the pile of games queueing in front of me. If you still wish private conversation, say so and I would switch to email. Or we can just chat on this thread forever.

I only read about the glDoom and other ports.

That would may Doom very interesting! But if it is for new levels, why not for Heretic instead? Do you prefer Doom over them? Or is it because it is the only public domain game engine? A few months ago, I asked and idSoftware replied that they are going to release the program source for Heretic as well. I am eagerly looking forward to somebody willing to adapt a glHeretic out of glDoom and Heretic sources.

BTW, is what you are doing what people called "TC"? I never figured out what is PWAD, IWAD and TC...
In level e1m2, right after you enter the red door, you go to the right and in the end of the corridor you kill an imp in a corner filled with green toxic waste. There you'll find a trigger, then push it. When you get back, you'll see that the wall opened and inside it there's a little dark maze. In the very end to the right direction you'll kill two imps as long as destroy some barrels. In the exact middle of the wall, hit it. It will open and then you go to a stairway that leads right to the chainsaw (not the chaingun). You know, that weapon that replaces your punch.

No problem if you don't program, Irene. We can switch to e-mail if you wish so I can keep you updated when it's possible for me to send you my patches for your enjoying...

I think I started out with DOOM because it was the first. Talking about it's code, I could never find it. Do you know where I can get it? That would be very interesting.

I was planning on porting DOOM to the Heretic engine, so you would be able to aim up/down, but then Hexen came out and I found a better engine to port DOOM on.

Yes, that's like TC. A WAD file is a compressed file, like a ZIP, used by DOOM. It contains all images and sounds. The IWAD is the full WAD, with all of the original material from id Software. A PWAD is a patch for the IWAD, it just adds to the original IWAD any other stuff you like.
Irene012397Author Commented:
The code id released can be dl'ed at

I think it is linux code and is ported everywhere else by fans. Ask for example, who is the author of glDoom.

What then does a TC do? patches/replaces the original game engine and playing the original IWADs?

What I still don't get is, if it is not for original Doom maps, why should one bother to write a Doom PWAD for your TC, instead of writing a Hexen map, or a Hexen map for your TC? What is the difference between these three options?
Thanks for the URL, dear.

The patches doesn't replace the game engine, it actually replaces the maps, graphics and sounds. But there are some tools that can hack the DOOM.EXE file so you can get more powerful changes, like the ones I had to exploit for the Flamethrower, the Seeker Rocket and the Quicker Chaingun.

The difference is that a TC isn't that easily portable. They've got too many differences between them. That's why PWADs are dedicated just to only one game.
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