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Direct Draw and Direct X

ey143 asked
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Last Modified: 2013-12-29
I have an Intel USB camera.

During the installation it said I could not use Full screen picture becuase I do not have Direct Draw installed or capable.  

How do I find out what version of Direct Draw I have, or Direct X and where can I download this?  Please dont just tell me Microsoft, exact URL please.

Also what are the latest versions of these software and what do they do?

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I don't think your problem is missing DirectX components, since Win98 already comes with DirectX 5 installed.  If might be your video card is not compatiable, what card are you using?  After installing DX6 as per Darklight's answer, if it still doesn't work, look under C:\program files\directx\setup\dxdiag.exe and there's a troubleshooter.



I'm using one of the best cards on the market, it's a Matrox Millenium G200 8 megs RAM.

Then I cant see that your video card is not compatible.
Perhaps you should download the latest drivers for your video card and camera (they'll be found at the companies web-site, often there's a link on the main page) as well as DirectX 6.0.

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Actually I was just downloading the latest Matrox drivers as we speak.

How do I automatically receive notification of updated drivers for all my equipment?  I have registered the card and all, but never receive it, so I miss the driver updates.  I have not registered my Win98 for various reasons, yet the URL took me to Microsoft's update site.  Have my details been disclosed and is there nowhere else you can download DirectX?

You see my problem was that in the configuration setup of my webcamera, it says "Your video card does not fully support Direct Draw for Intel Video phone".  I need this to view the other person in a FULL screen.  I guess since DD is a component of Direct X, what should I now do?
Try a search on yahoo or something...there's probably zillions of places it can be downloaded from

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Unless you have a top of the line systym a full screen diplay is not going to display very well any ways. You might think about a video capture card, But make sure it,s drivers are compatable with other video drivers you currenty have installed. other wise you will get error messages when trying to load the video into a veiwing program. Your video card is a good one but when it comes to steight video, You are never going to reach a leval that you might expect with professional equimpt,That is very expensive.
Currntly you really have to spend some cash to get evan a moderate picture on your screen. This is mainly because of your internet connection and not your equimpt.



Ok I dont think I really have a problem with any of my equipment as I formatted the system a few days ago and reloaded all the new drivers with win98, directx 6 and even my graphic driver are a few weeks old.

Could it simple be therefore that I need a video capture card to display full screen video?  If that is the case, I was considering buying a TV capture card anyway, surely this will do the trick for my camera too?

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