MS-DOS needed to install Windows 95?

I've been installing and upgrading O.S's on PC computers for quite some time.
An issue that I've been confronting is, even with a brand new hard drive, after partitioning and formatting the drive, when I try to install Windows 95 (the original and the OSR2 versions), it starts loading the drivers for the CDROM drive (with the Win95 floppy inserted). After a few seconds, a message displays saying that the drive was not found, then it shows some interaction with the floppy, like: "A:\MSCDEX .... \"
I check the connection of the CDROM drive. Then, to double check, I try to install Windows NT4 (the 'big brother')and, sure enough, it detects the CDROM and the installation runs smoothly. That's why it's the 'big bro'   ;-)
The workaround I've developed is, I HAVE TO INSTALL DOS, then run the installation disk for the CDROM. After rebooting, the CDROM drive letter is 'alive', insert the Windows 95 CD and install it.
I've been working with different machines and different brands of CDROM's. I ALWAYS have this problem.
Is it that, in order to install the infamous Windows 95, MS-DOS NEEDS TO BE INSTALLED BEFORE?, if so, how come there are not instructions to this respect?.
I've been working with one package of Windows 95 (first version) and two packages of Windows 95 (OSR2), so, I don't think the floppies or CD's are ALL defective or corrupted.
Have been reading articles and books about this and, even modifying the config.sys file with the:
line included, as well the AUTOEXEC.BAT with the:
C:\DOS\MSCDEX.EXE /D:mscd001
line but, of course, this means DOS NEEDS TO BE INSTALLED,or NOT?.
Will appreciate any help on this

Efrain R Portales, A+
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MAVERICKConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This is my work around....

find drivers that will allow it to work..

make a COPY of the Win 95 CD-ROM boot disk....
substitute the working driver in the Config.sys file...
ie Device = CDROM.SYS etc...

If you have trouble finding a driver that works... I'm checking a URL now...

Then use the new floppy to boot and intstall windows...

Have you ever installed Win95 with a CD-ROM floopy boot disk - this will copy the files need for the CD-ROM and let you continue with installation.

The disk has several .bat files and i do not have one here right now, but could find out if you would like.

efrain12Author Commented:
On line 4 that's what I meant by 'with the Win95 floppy inserted'. I am using the CDROM floppy boot diskettes.
I don't remember exactly what the messages were when I was trying to install the first wersion of Win95 (don't have it anymore), but the OSR2 keeps giving me that message:
"CDROM not .... ".
Will appreciate if you can send me a copy of your floppy at:

Efrain R Portales
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When you say "installing dos" do you mean actually installing all of DOS or just running sys off a bootable Disk?  

Also (and I know this isn't your question) the win 98 CD is bootable and can be installed to a freash drive.  (the upgrade 98 isn't though)

efrain12Author Commented:
I mean installing MS-DOS, version 6.22 (the last one, I believe).
BTW, when I do this, I feel like I'm going back in time (late 80's?, early 90's?).
Do you think this has to do with the type of CDROM drive, IDE or SCSI?.
I regularly install Windows 95 (original and OSR2) on computers without installing MS-DOS first.  They all have IDE CD-ROM drives though, and I use a custom boot disk.  :)
I installed onto mine from a bootable CD I made up... It efectivly has a boot disk with 95B DOS on it (7.1?) and CDROPM drivers.    All I did was sys c:, copy the c:\win98\*.* to c:\install, reboot off HDD and run setup.

also, this means you have the windows files on the HDD for whenever it says "insert windows CD"

efrain12Author Commented:
Well, since I don't have custom made boot disks, I guess I'll have to live with this, or buy a third Win95 (OSR2) pack (not worth it?) and try it on another fresh HDD.
My regular O.S. is Winodows NT4 and have no problemo with it; the issue with the win95 bug is for installing / upgrading other people's machines.
Thanks anyway for your kind replies.

Efrain R Portales

>>  "....this means DOS NEEDS TO BE INSTALLED,or NOT?"

Prior Dos installation is not necessary for installing Windows95.

To allow the CDROM to be accessed when booting, simply configure your boot floppy (correctly) with the proper driver on it.  Dos versions from Win95B or newer used to create the floppy will enable you to use FAT32 on your hard drive. (if desired)
For a universal IDE CDROM driver, you might try the following website:

If you need help with setting up the floppy to do what you want, just ask!

Most likely all you are missing is MSCDEX.EXE to make your CD driver instalation work.  Copy this from your DOS, or Windows\command directory to the A: drive with your CD drivers on it, and it will install the driver.
I think the "Drive not found" error mentioned in the question is output from the driver, due to the wrong one being loaded.  MSCDEX is there, ("A:\MSCDEX .... \") trying to assign the drive letter, but fails because there's no drive recognized.

We need some feedback from you.

The URL i was thinking of was for a program to solve his problems... CD-ROM god....

You may download it from my web site...
oh and this will effectively become a "custom boot disk"

All this assumes the hardware is OK!

1. format a systems disk... (on another computer.... !!)
2. run cdgod55 A:
3. Reboot using the newly created boot disk ....
4. A menu will come up ... try the driver options (1- 40) til u get one which doesn't return a error.... then type in "y" and the MSCDEX will load....
5. A prompt type MENU to return will come up...  type  "Prompt $p$g"  -(important!!)
6. Type "E:" then type "setup"  and u should be able to install win 95.....

efrain12Author Commented:
I've been silent because right now I don't have a second computer to try all your suggestions. I'll build one this week and will try.
I already downloaded the mentioned CD programs (haven't tried them yet, though). Will get back in touch with you in a few days.
Thanks to all of you !.

Efrain R Portales
k... if u need any other info call me.

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