hard drive failure

have a micropolis 4341ws, will not low level format or verify. does anyone have the led failure code for this drive
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ghostarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
get norton utilities and do the tests on it...  i can snd you Norton 4.5 for dos, if you give me your email.  
Does it spin up?
Does the SCSI adaptor see the drive?
Any errors from the SCSI controller on attempt to low level format it?

I have a old bad Micropolis (diffrent model) that spins up, checks servo, and spins down, then gives a LED code of short, long, short, long, long, long.

Im suspect it's toast, like mine.
Micropolis 4341!!!!  That's one old hunk of junk!  Are you sure it's just not clogged up with dust?
What are you getting for a LED flash? That may help me in your answer.
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