I need pnpisa.inf an any other related file i need to configure a sound card on Nt, please email me
that file and once my sound card work i'll give the points
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I emailed you the files.
OeilNoirAuthor Commented:
for NT 4
OeilNoirAuthor Commented:
Sorry for not accepting yet, i would also need _sndblst.dll :-(

i forgot my damn CD.. hard to install a sound card...
if you have ICQ, it would be faster maybe, as i could see if i need any other file to complete the installation of the sound card.
my ICQ # : 1395453

OeilNoirAuthor Commented:
Note : I have the SP4 on my computer, i know there should be a way to decompress the files in it, instead of installing it... i would probably find somes of the file i need in there...

OeilNoirAuthor Commented:
Thanks, i managed to find the other files i needed on the web.. thank you very muchfor your help...
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