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I forgot some Excel secrets which a friend shared with me. You type something like x97:something... in Excel after pressing F5) then a beautiful picture appears which has names of those helped produce Excel. Can someone help me. If you can also help with some other win95(welcome to windows 95 something something) secrets.
I'll give 10 points for Excel and 10 points for extra secrets.
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rupertsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
*Free flight Sim with Microsoft Excel 97*

Proof that microsoft programmers have too much time on their hands

This works on any Win95/NT PC with Microsoft Excel 97 installed


1 In Excel 97, open a new blank worksheet.
2 Press F5 (go to) and type in the range X97:L97
3 Click OK.
4 Now press Tab once (this should put you in cell M97)
5 Press Ctrl+Shift while clicking once on the chart wizard button
(the blue-yellow-red barchart icon).

After a few moments, you will be flying over an eerie fractal landscape.

Fly around awhile and soon you'll notice a mesa with a shallow
and a small scrolling shrine to Excel 97 and those who made it happen.
Careful, the controls are very sensitive.
You can exit the screen by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc
"Easter Egg" sites

This is the largest one of all!!
These all have hundreds of "secrets" so you owe me 1000's of points!!!! (only joking!!!)

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