Changing the bitmap for the Splash Window

Which parameter have i to pass to LoadBitmap() Function if i want to load a Bitmap file. On the MFC documentation, they
write :
This instruction doesn't work !
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nil_dibConnect With a Mentor Commented:
LoadBitmap is NOT for loading a bitmap from a file!
It for laoding a bitmap from a resource.
Resource workshop -> insert new resource -> bitmap ( ID: e.g. IDB_BITMAP1 )
load the bitmap:
CBitmap bmp;

if you want to load a bitmap from a file look at
for sample code and bitmap classes.
Or take a look at the MFC sample Diblook.
Do you use the LoadBitmap from the CBitmap class
or the LoadBitmap from the Win32 API ?
hrenaudAuthor Commented:
I use the CBitmap class from the MFC.
hrenaudAuthor Commented:
In order to load a bitmap, i have to use the CFile class.
On the Web site, there is a sample to write a bitmap in a file :

I think the one you are searching for is
shows the drawing of bitmaps from BMP files.
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