C++ Builder

  How can I do a client-server application with C++ Builder?
Anybody know how can I do it?
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schmim04Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I had to do a very similar project in college.  I wrote a server using C++ Builder and the client was a web page another guy wrote in Java.  The first thing you need to do is familiarize yourself with TCP/IP.  There is an icon on the tool bar in C++ Builder.  You need to place two of these onto your project window.  One is for sending data, the other for receiving.  This will get you started.  You can email me at schmim04@aol.com and I do have source code to share.
I do, what do you need help with?
maiteAuthor Commented:
I´ve studied Pascal in my studies, now, I have to do a project with C++ Builder in my final year to finish. My problem is that I´m starting to learn C++ Builder but in Spain there aren´t books about this language . Could you pass me this programm in order to begin my project. My project is about Hme automation and I have to do a software to control a house trough Internet so one part of this software is implement an application client-server. Could you pass me the code?
 Sorry because my english is not too good .
Thank you.
maiteAuthor Commented:

 I would like more information about this.
I have complete source code for the server TCP/IP  sending and receiving.  The code is on my computer at home though.  Email me at schmim04@aol.com and we can arrange for you to see it the parts you need.
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