Not worth points, wondering if you noticed same.

I have a tab control on my form. The tab that I open to with form load has two text controls on it.
*****Screwy part I think*******************
 If I launch the program from design view with that tab not in front. The two text boxes are no where to be found. If it is in front when I launch the text boxes are there and work fine.
 Has anyone noticed this or is it that I did or didnt do something?
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watyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Add a frame in the tabe, Add the textbox in a frame.
All should work fine
BigwayAuthor Commented:
 I added the frame control and then cut and pasted the text box into it. I still have the same problem. You dont think I need to make sure the text boxes are in tab 0 do you?
Sorry Waty,
I've reproduced the problem and adding a frame first does not help in this case.
Show the right frame at a time. I had this problem in the past, now, I use the tabstrip.
BigwayAuthor Commented:
Tab Strip worked for me.
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