Controlling the tab order in an HTML page

How can I control the tab order in an HTML page that contains input-text and link (<A HREF="...) elements?
I do not want to use a solution like setting the focus on the "next" item using the "onBlur" event, this solution is not good for me.
I need a solution that works on Netscape 3 and 4 and Internet Explorer 3 and 4.
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jhurstConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The 'game' that you do not want to play is the 'onBlur' or something similar.  In my own pages I use this method and it works quite nicely.  

I posted this as an answer, rather than a comment so that you can close this.  As you can see from my answers and others comments you can do what you want but not in the way that you want.  

There is one even more horrible way, this divides the screen into a number of frames and accepts the fact that the tabs go in order in each frame, then you force the sequence of the frames.  I regard this as somewhat the same as the other answer but worse since you still need to use some kludge method such as obBlur to move from frame to frame.

Wouldn't it be nice if there was an optional modifier to the <input > tag, such as <input name=first next=second  ...> but there is not.  

Now I suppose you could create your own version of a browser and implement the above, but again I assume this is not a real choice.  If you did want to do it the source of Netscape is available.

There is no other way, sadly.
Didn't you post and delete this question recently?

Tab 'steps' through the elements of the form in the order that they are defined.  In standard html that will work with version 3 browsers thesequence of the fields on the screen is going to be somewhat the same as they are defined as the elements.  So, unless you play some game like you do do not wish  to play you can not do what you want.
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gy7Author Commented:
jhurst -
What is the game I don't want to play? Let ME decide if I want to play it or not.

martinag -
I posted this question before under the HTML subject, and got an answer that maybe it can be done using JavaScript. So I deleted it from there and posted it again under the JavaScript subject.
gy7Author Commented:
You did not answer my question.
If you don't want to use onBlur and focus() but still want it to work in NN3+, IE3+ the short answer is no.

onBlur and focus will work with all JS browsers (at least in theory - some browsers have a tendence to messblur and focus up). IE4 supports TABORDER="An integer" as an attribute to the <INPUT> tag. In NN5, IE5 it will be TABINDEX...

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