Displaying JPG Image with MFC

I would you like to known if it´s possible
to build an MFC Application that display
a set of 'JPG Images' in sequence (Like a Gif Animation) ??

If its is possible. Please, send me an code example
that will do it for me.
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luisricardoAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question
I suggest you take a look at the following url, it was published on www.codeguru.com and has a class that will load jpegs.


Once you've been able to load the images from disk it's a simple matter of animating them with a thread in a CWnd derived object.
luisricardoAuthor Commented:
Hello Chensu´s,

Have you got another example to send me, because
I take a look in the URL that you sent me and
I didn´t like.


luisricardoAuthor Commented:
I will that a look..!!
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