out of memory errors with new printer

i sold my computer to my sister in law. When I had it
i had the HP 540 deskjet hooked up to it . It ran with no
problem. My sister in law just bought a epson 440 and now she is getting error " out of memory"
There is 16 megs . New hard space is down to 42mgs

How do I correct it

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Tell her to buy a printer, but not an Epson :-)
Of course, if you are running several programs at once, your 16 MB of physical RAM plus 40 some-odd MB of virtual RAM may not be enough.  Try:
1.  emptying recycle bin
2.  emptying temp folders
3.  deleting temporary internet files and cache folders for your web browsers
4.  deleting installation files for which you have CD's
5.  and removing/compressing stuff you no longer use.  

Plus a RAM upgrade ain't a bad idea, now that you can upgrade to 48 MB for under $40.

If hard drive space is mysteriously disappearing (it's not too clear from the question) you should DEFINITELY run an up-to-date virus scan ASAP.

Did MCoroli's answer solve your problem?

I don't know,

I've been using Epson printers all my life (back when I had an Apple ][ I used several Epsons) and today I use two Epson Stylus Color 600's on my home computer and my school computer, and I've never had a single problem with any of them, and most of what I've heard about Epson has been very good.

thekeepAuthor Commented:
yes its up and running now
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