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Need Help with a Loop

I am currently doing a project which lets me be able to tell the time of a place using the longitude and latitude.  I also need to use a type of WHile loop.  How do i assign a vlaue to the numbers in the longitude and latitude in order to figure out the time? THANX
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Need more information.
> Do you want to assign the lat and lon that is kept somewhere to variables?

> Or are you wanting the actual calculation
Not sure what you would need a loop here for.
I would think you would define areas of lat/long and their corresponding offsets to GMT and go from there

Time doesn't change based on latitude.
There is one hour difference for each 15 degrees longitude.
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To expand on that, you might have the following as a calculation:

Hour = GMT + (Longitude \ 15)
PeanutheadAuthor Commented:
Sorry, my retarded friend typed that in....the project im doing for school requires me to extract the longitude from a text file with a list of about 50 cities in this format:
Washington 24 30 Long 100 45 Lat E
somewhat like that
now, i need to have a drop down combobox that the user can select from that allows them to select one of those cities.  i figured that part out..its pretty damned easy. WHAT I NEED TO KNOW:
How do i get the longitude outta that.  And how do i get the "E" or "W" out of it too.(For "E"ast or "W"est of the prime meridian.)  THAT is what used a while loop.  Thats all i need to know.  After i can do that the rest is easy.  thanks and sorry about my stupid friend ;)
I'm not really good at reading text files but I assume you can read them one line at a time so do something like this
dim thisline as string
dim eastwest$
dim cityend%
dim cityname$
dim longitude$
dim cboIndex() as string's/b declared in general declarations
While not EOF
    thisline=however you read a line
    eastwest=right$(thisline,1)'get the last character
    cityend%=instr(1,thisline," ")-1
    combo.additem cityname
    redim preserve cboIndex(0 to combo.listcount-1)
'in click event of cboindex retrieve longitute like this
The answer from Johnn will work, but may I suggest using a collection to hold the information. You could create a class with a property for each line read from the text file.

Also, if your line is always delimited and not fixed length. I would suggest writing a function that you pass the string and the delimiter and it will extract the information and return it to you. This way you can take the code to any application. I have many modules of such funtions, that I carry to every job.

If you want more information(samples), just let me know. Also, what version of VB are you using?

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