Problems after reinstalling Windows 95

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hubmanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It sounds like your floppy drive went bad. What is the brand name of this pc? That could have a lot to say about why you are having problems. First, thing I would do is go the manufacturers web site and look for the drivers for this pc. Even better is to call the tech support line and ask them for the drivers that should have come with the computer. If you are having problems with the floppy drive, I would go to the next computer show in the area and buy one for $15-$20. If the pc is under warrenty then get the manufacturer to fix the problem. I don't advise opening up a pc that is still under warrenty. If there is a hardware problem with this system and you open it up you will void any chance of getting this pc fixed for free.
If the pc is not under any warrenty then I would replace the floppy drive before attempting to reload the operating system. After that is fixed, Remove any sound cards, modems, and anything else that is connected to the pc. Try reloading the operating system, with nothing but the video card. After Windows95 loads then try adding the cards you removed one at a time. I hope this helped!
Did you run FDISK and reformat the disk, or just format it?  You might need to re-partition.  If you FDISKed and Formatted, you should have no problems with software if you installed off the CD.

is the 95 OSRB an up grade downloaded from internet or a full windows 95 OSRB version?
From your question I assume that you have not formatted or used the fdisk options to up-grade from the previous version. You have only tried to up grade? (I hope).
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Tim HolmanCommented:
I think the phrase 'Also during the setup proccess, whenever a notification that a newer file was already on the computer I would elect to keep the newer file rather than change.' gives the game away somewhat !
If you want a fresh install, you have to remove the entire WINDOWS directory and everything in it.
Alternatively, fdisk and format as suggested above by people who haven't read your question properly !

There is no doubt that you have a previous install on the drive when Windows presents the dialog about older files present.
There is probably corruption in your registry and incorrectly installed drivers present.  To save time and headaches, re-install Windows.
If you have the bootable floppy with your CD drivers, I suggest you use it to boot and re-run setup on a clean drive.
Let me know if you need help with it.

If you fdisk and format your hard drive when you don't have all of the driver diskettes you will run into problems.  If formatting, make sure you have access to another computer that is on the internet so you can download the correct drivers.  Make sure that your bootable floppy has all of the drivers you will need on it. If you don't have the CDrom bootup disk, definitely make sure you have the correct cdrom drive.  I was able to install WIN95 OSRB with just a clean install - after deleteing the windows directory booting from a floppy.  But, I found that the registry needed to be updated, so I had to reinstall all of the other software as well (after uninstalling it). I hope this has helped and Good Luck
If you have a boot disk, please make sure it clean from viruses.  Use this disk to boot your friend's computer (don't boot with harddisk).  Then you can proceed with the setup (Windows 95 installation) from the CD-ROM.
-above is the basic way

Actually you must do the following things (if you don't want to format your friend's harddisk) :
1.  make sure those files are in the boot disk:
          asuscd.sys (or any file for CD-ROM's driver - may differ to others CD-ROM's                              driver and you may find them in the disk for CD-ROM's driver).
          config.sys (optional)
          autoexec.bat (optional)
2.  view the contents of config.sys file.  make sure there are those words:
          device=a:\asuscd.sys d:/mscd0000 (based on CD-ROM's driver file in the boot                                                                disk)
     if there is no such word please add them.
     if there is no config.sys file, please create it using the editor program and insert those       words.            
3.  view the contents of autoexec.bat & make sure you see those words:
          a:\mscdex d:/mscd0000
     if there is no such word please add them.
     if there is no autoexec.bat file, please create it using the editor program and insert      those words.            
4.  I think you're ready for the installation.  reboot the computer using the boot disk.  
5.  run setup for Windows 95 from drive d: (CD-ROM)

If you want to format the harddisk (the easiest way):
1.  make sure you format the harddisk with this command:
          format c: /s
2.  reboot the computer using harddisk.
3.  install CD-ROM's driver (use the driver's disk-any type of CD-ROM)
4.  reboot again and start the installation from CD.

I can't help for any driver needed during the installation.  Please find them anywhere.
About the newer files or change them, sorry to say I prefer to change them (not recommended for you except you have enough drivers' disks and others things necessary).

Please make me know further.
birchenallAuthor Commented:
flowers_s - your answer was helpful to a degree and along with the other comments I reformated the C drive - began intsalling windows 95 and at the end of the process, the trouble begins. This time it was when I was told to select a printer. I received an error in the USER.exe, msgsrv32 and setupslt. Now the problems gets interesting. I can still get into Windows but my A drive has become inaccessible. The light for the drive comes on but a few seconds go by and I get an error message. I tried to reboot to the a drive and no luck there. So now I am stuck. When the computer starts I have hit DEL to get into the setup and the drive is shown to be there but it won't respond. So now I have no way of using a floppy boot disk to try again. Any response to this puzzling development. I truly appreciate all the helpful responses.
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