multiple recipients using exchange contacts folder

Any know how to set up a regular list of multiple recipients using contacts folder in the exchange mailbox only? or does the user have to use personal folder contacts?
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covingtonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The only way to do this is to create a mailing list in your Personal Address book. You can include addresses from your contacts list.

Tools...Address Book
File...New Entry
New Entry Type = "Personal Distribution List"
If you want to use public contacts,you must define them in the Public Folders.
You have to go to Exchange Server and define them in the public folder section and then give access the users that you want.
The personal contacts should be "Personal only".
lozzamooreAuthor Commented:
Pampa, I realise i can define public lists for the whole site, so are you saying there is no way for a user to do this on an individual basis using their mailbox contacts?
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The other way is:
Go to Options, tools, Delegate and select a user from the list click accept and then give permissions to the contacts list.

Then the delegate should do:
File, Open Special Folder select the name of the person from wich his/her is the delegate and like this he/she will see the contacts list.
lozzamooreAuthor Commented:
Ithink you misunderstand. The process you outlined in your last answer will enable a user to share his or her contacts list. What I am asking is if you can select 2 or more of your contacts within your mailbox (they could be external contacts to the global recipients list) and create a group from this that you can send messages to on a regular basis just be selecting the group and therefore the list of users contained therein?
Thanks in advance.

Are you still trying to resolve this issue? If so, I have a workaround for you that will simulate a distribution list with the contacts folder.

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