Using Access97 to read Btrieve Files

Why doesn't Access97 read Btrieve Files. Access 2.0 does it with no problem. Is there a driver I need and if so where can I get them. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks
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HelicopterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This is from the MSDN

ACC: Btrieve ISAM Not Available in Microsoft Access 95/97

Last reviewed: April 3, 1997
Article ID: Q141623 The information in this article applies to:

•Microsoft Access versions 7.0, 97

There is no longer an ISAM available for Btrieve data.

Microsoft Access version 2.0 applications that have links to Btrieve tables will not work if you convert the applications to Microsoft Access 7.0 or 97. New applications in either version will not have the option of linking, importing, or exporting Btrieve data.

Microsoft Access 7.0 and 97 do not ship with a Btrieve driver. Pervasive Software Inc. has a 32-bit ODBC driver available. For information about obtaining this driver and the 32-bit Btrieve engine, please contact Pervasive Software Inc. at (800) 287-4383.
Did you try ODBC v2.04 32bit?
I know the site to download. DO you want it?
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captain17Author Commented:
Chewhoung, yea if you know where to get it let me know! Thanks
But why you accept the answer by Helicopter?
captain17Author Commented:
Chewhoung, I 'm new here and clicked on the wrong button.
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