Type libraries, need to be incl in setup?

I'm using some type libs specifically win32.tlb(really cool too, everyone should use this for the win32 api).  I need to know if this needs to be installed on the users' machine.  My understanding was that the type lib stuff you used was automatically built into the source.  What is it?

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the type libs do not have to be distributed because they are as you said compiled into the program, but if for any reason your application needs them, i am sure that windows98 installs win32.tlb in it's directory.

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The type library win32.tlb must be distributed with your application, and must be registered as any other ActiveX object.

JohnnAuthor Commented:
If this is so, why is it when I use a function of it, the compilied source seems to grow(more than the code i used)
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Sorry, your right - You do not need to distribute the tlb.

This is text is from Bruce McKinneys "Hardcore Visual Basic":

"Your customers don't need the type library to run programs you develop using the type library. The exception to this rule is if you sell programming tools containing Visual Basic source code that uses the type library"

JohnnAuthor Commented:
mtoft corrected his response.


This is what I thought, just wanted to confirm this
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