FAN Plug on Motherboard

On my motherboard, there is a little white slot for the FAN to plug into. I cannot find a 3 prong plug to plug into it. My cooling fan only came with the power cord attached to it, not a thing labeled FAN to plug into the motherboard. ??
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joopvConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This plug is for a 'managed' fan, so the system can monitor the performance of the fan and sound an alarm if it stops.

You fan is probably not meant for this connection and can not be monitord by the system.  So just connect it to a free power cord, or put in in between a power cord for the floppy drive (for example)

devinmAuthor Commented:
Ok so I can't plug anything into the FAN plug unless I get a certain kind of fan?
Yes the 3 pin fan plug has power and a feedback signal.  Your fan only has power and no feedback signal.
devinmAuthor Commented:
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