I need the code to send email from one computer to another that are both connected to the internet.  I want to send an email to screen name "" with a subject of "test" and a message of "Test works".  I am just a beginner so can you please explain it so even a beginner can understand?
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JohnnConnect With a Mentor Commented:
First, goto ms' VB site and get the active messaging library which I believe uses Exchange so as long as you have an exchange profile set up on your win9x machine this should work.

Add a reference to the Active Messaging to your project add this function and call it like this:

Dim Success as Boolean

ProfileName=the ms exchange profile you are using
ProfilePassword=the password of the above profile
.the rest s/b straight forward

Function SendEmail(UserName$, Password$, EmailAddress$, sSubject$, sMsg$) As Boolean
    Dim objSession As Object    ' Session object
    Dim objMessage As message    ' Message object
    Dim objOneRecip As Object   ' Recipient object
    On Error GoTo error_olemsg
    ' create a session then log on, supplying username and password
    Set objSession = CreateObject("MAPI.Session")
    objSession.Logon UserName, Password
    ' create a message and fill in its properties
    Set objMessage = objSession.Outbox.Messages.Add
    objMessage.Subject = sSubject
    objMessage.Text = sMsg
    '' create the recipient
    With objMessage.Recipients.Add
        .Name = EmailAddress
        .Type = mapiTo
    End With
    ' send the message and log off
    objMessage.Send showDialog:=False
    SendEmail = True
    Exit Function
    'MsgBox "Error " & Str(Err) & ": " & Error$(Err)
'    server.SendText Socket, "SENDEMAILERR"
    SendEmail = False
    Resume Next
End Function

MChuAuthor Commented:
I am sorry, I don't understand what exactly I have to dl from the Ms vb site.  Can you please link me directly to the site. Thank you
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MChuAuthor Commented:
Is there any way to do this without using Exchange.  Also can you link me to where I can dl it?  Thanks for your help so far.
There's other ways but I only use exchange...

that was the link
try just downloads then(you might have to be registered)

MChuAuthor Commented:
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