i would like to put up my site on the internet.  the conditions are:  the hosting is free, at least 10mb space is given, no popups, can have banner, but not like geocities, the address has to be short and there must be sub domain hosting eg  mysite.????.???

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kelliConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Off hand, I don't kow of any place that offers a decent amount of web space with no ads and a http://yourname.isp.com address.  However, i do have a workable solution.

www.xoom.com offers 10 free megs of web space and no ads.  Your address would be http://members.xoom.com/yourname

however, you can go to http://www.cjb.net/register.html and sign up for a free web site alias that will forward to any address you tell it to.  So, you can set up the address http://yourname.cjb.net to direct to http://members.xoom.com/yourname

Hope this helps :o)
If this is a commerial site use www.hypermart.net

I continue...

Or try www.webjump.com (as often advertised on e-e)
They will take personal pages.

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ikxsoftAuthor Commented:
hypermart has restrivtions now, but yes it is a commercial site, webjump suck because it puts its own frame on your page
TANSTAAFL   There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch

This is sort of like asking for free network TV without ads.  The free web hosting services have to generate revenue somehow.

Your best bet might be to check small ISP's in your neighborhood.  The local ISP that I use provides 20 MB of free web space as part of the package.  The cost is $25 a month total which isn't that much more than the $19.95 other ISP's charge for no web hosting. Tech service is great also as I have met and come to know all the officers and techs of the company (a total of about six).  They set me up to access their server based hit counter that has two pages of options to change the look.  The tech man helped be develop a form that called their cgi program to generate the output into my email box, and on and on.  

Start by checking the phone book for all the ISP's that are local calls for you.
ikxsoftAuthor Commented:
i don't mind the ads, as long as they are not popups and i can choose where they are put!
So what is wrong with hypermart? You can choose where on the page the banners go, you have a commerial site...

All systems go!
ikxsoftAuthor Commented:
hypermart have a new policy regarding email addresses!
Best bet is to find an ISP that will give that to you with service... Thats the only thing free like that i can think of
if you wanna give me points tell me!
Brodie-  I already tried that answer.  It was rejected.
ikxsoftAuthor Commented:
i don't need help any more, found it myself !
I'll host your site for 75$ a year...i'll resell you some space in my 400MB account....get you a login and everything

Go to http://www.simplenet.com/ 
For $15 you can have :
Unlimmited Diskspace
Unlimmited Bandwidth
1 email account
1 ftp account
and no banners required

Or try http://www.webstorage.com/iqs/rates.html

Spend a little bit more money and go to http://hostco.com/
You can have everything you ever dreamed of there and on a NT box for $50 a month.

Your not going to get what you want for FREE or everyone will be on it and you will be lagged out like GeoCities.   You make it sound like someone is going to have the privalage of hosting you.

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