How to permanately delete an image in Paint/Imaging?
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Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
Find image and drag to recycle bin, or right click the image and choose delete.  Lots of different ways to remove.
If you want to remove unconditionally,  right click the file in WIndows Explorer, select "Delete" and when the confirmation dialog box appears, hold down Shift and hit Enter.  that bypasses the Recycle Bin altogether.  if you need real security (that not even a disk recovery utility can restore it) some utilities programs include file shredders that guarantee  a final removal.  By the way, this technique works for all types of files, not just bitmaps.

When you delete a file with the delete button. I will end up in the recycle bin unless you have disabled it. holding down shift and delete at the same time will remove it. Although this time it did not end up in your recycle bin it is still stored on your hard drive and can be recovered quite easily by some one who knows what they are doing.. running defrag will make it impossible to recover a completly deleted file as this rearranges the data on your disk hence making an undelete unreliable as its location is no longer completly known.
Holding down shift and delete may be permanant enough for most people but if you want to be absolutely certain it won't be recovered.. you must overwrite that part of the disk. Eigther by writing another file to the disk and hoping for the best or by running defrag (time consuming) or get your hands on a secure deletion program that removes the file rewrites it and removes it again. THus there is nothing to recover.
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I think those solutions have already been mentioned....  and defrag does not guarantee that a file is overwritten, (it usually is, especially if the drive is very fragmented, but not always).

wheels2Author Commented:
I tried the above answers before I posted the question(try altering an image in IMAGING, then get rid of it)
I don't understand exactly what you are trying to do.  If you want to remove a file from your hard drive, any of the above techniques will do it.  What are you trying to do?

Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
Did my 1/18  7:12 AM solution not work?
wheels2Author Commented:
To: astaec
       Yes, I finally have the files gone, they were not in a sub-dir. of Imaging in Explorer,they were spread all over the Windows dir. in bitmaps, I was looking for them in the Imaging file.  How do I get u your POINTS?
Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
Thanks, Wheels2, I'm glad to hear all is well.
Find image and drag to recycle bin, or right click the image and choose delete.  Lots of different ways to remove.

Since Windows directory is often a location where bitmaps are stored, ie. for wallpaper, etc... that was likely your application's file save default.  I've found it more productive creating unique folders for my various art projects and image files, ie. ART - JPEG files - BMP files, etc... and then within my various graphic programs, assigning specific files and paths to save files, as noted above.  

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