"Points to HATCHET"

Hey Hatchet,
   How do you say that I lock out a folder again ?
Thanks...I have 35 points, will have more later...
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HATCHETConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hey dropfork,

How do you say that you locked out a folder again... like this :

"I locked out a folder again"   hehehe...  =]

The program that I wrote was for files, not folders.  To make it do the same thing to folders, use the MkDir() function to create a new folder to re-locate files in a folder to, use the FileCopy() function to copy all the files in the folder, then use the RmDir() function to delete any folders needed.

Good luck.    =]

dropforkAuthor Commented:
Thank You Hatchet, May your blade never dull !
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