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I need help with tetrinet

LuVThang17 asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-26
Can sum1 send me the tetrinet cheat prog that allows the use of any specials at any time.  I have the trainer but i heard that there is another cheat prog out there.  I suck bad and i just wanna use it sometimes so i can smile :-)  Please email me at LuvThang17@aol.com  
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Folow the trainer's instructions. I got one that when you pres a button, it will activate free blox. and then you can unset them later by pressing another set button. it is very helpful. If that is not the probram that I am talking about, email me at Phita23@hotmail.com and then i will try to help some more.




Sorry Phita, I don't understand your answer.  I have the french trainer but i want another cheat program that will allow me to use specials at any one time.  Thanks for replying.....



The french trainer is the same one I have. It will do everything you need it to. When you have a special block, press a designated button and when you use it, it will never go away. WHne you press another designated button, it will return to normal and no one will suspect a thing. The buttons can be set when you run the progie. I hope this will help you out more.




Hi Phita, Sorry but i am looking for a different prog that allows a player to use special blocks anytime throughout the game.  It suppose to let you use specials even if you do not have em.  Thanks for responding but i know how to use the french trainer.  Let me know if you find the other prog okie......

Hey Phita / Sherry u mind sending me that french trainer?
I have another trainer, i dont know if its french or not...ne wayz send me the trainer at icq#2972729 if u do not have icq
( www.icq.com ) then plz respond to this msg and i will post my email address. Thz a lot.
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Proposed Answer
    From: TTMan
                                                                                    Date: Tuesday, January 26 1999 - 01:39PM PST

    Actually i phrased it wrong. Here is what should have been said:
 Add line ÿsb #(the person who you wanna attack)  a # ((the person who attacks "you" )
 Clear line ÿsb # c #
 hint hint wha are the other letters =]
 End the game alt-0255(ÿ) endgame
 Anyway, you have fun but dont try to bring these commands when you're playin' me 'cause i'm gonna kick and screw ya up if ya do!!!!hehehehe

And where whould you put these commands?

These commands suck and i dont recomend usin them. they appear as a blank text and are easy to catch but still have fun with them u made a mistake its ÿ sb # c # and ÿ endgame 00

brak (on irc my nick is |brak| or MickFo|ey) msg me if you can!!

So where do the commands go? durring the game? where?

the commands work in both the partyline and when u press t. it works only if u are playing in a private server i.e. one u made or ur friends made. it doesn't work if your alone
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