Output redirection

I have the following execution:

 /safari/udms/udmsshr -BATCH-EXIT RPW PRSPAY SELECT REPORT3 GENERATE  < /usr/mhas

I want to be able to redirect the resulting report to another file, and then print using the lp command to my default printer.
Any help appreciated
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submitting the same answer, probably you hit wrong button.
you can redirect output of your command by adding >filename to your command. If it doesn't work (your command doesn't write output to stdout) you can try with 2>filename.

You can also print the output without creating a temporary file by piping your command to lp
command ¦ lp
You might want to use the 'tee' command, so, you'll have something like:

foo < bar | tee logfile | lpr

That sends it to a file as well as the printer.

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jamusAuthor Commented:
This doesnt seem to work:
' | lp ' message reads 'standard input is empty'.
' > filename' produces an empty file
 as the current script stands it automatically outputs to the screen (I believe this is due to the executable file 'udmsshr')
if it's outputing to stderr, you could redirect it with
2> file
>& file
depending on which shell you're using
Did you try "2>filename" ?

If this doesn't work probably the executable contains an explicit "freopen" or "fopen" with /dev/tty.
Search the executable with the "strings" command, if it output, among other stuff, the "/dev/tty" string do the following:
1. make a backup copy of your executable
2. change with a binary editor the string "/dev/tty" with "xxxxxxxx"
3. restart your program
4. your output should be redirected to "xxxxxxxx"

I assumed you don't own the source, but if it is not true the best way to do the job is locating the "/dev/tty" string in the source, change it, and recompile.
jamusAuthor Commented:
thanks Mliberi
Why did you reject?
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