always be dis-connected after about 15 minutes

I have a NetComm 56K modem.  My computer is a PentiumII 300.  OS is NT4.  My modem worked fine for many months.  But recently, it starts having problems.  It drops the connection after about 12 - 18 minutes.  I tried dialing in to different servers but the results were the same.  It is clear that there are no connection time limit setup on dial-in servers.  I checked all parameters on local PC and could find any modem connection time limit.  I also tried to re-install OS on my computer.  This time I installed 98 instead NT.  But the modem connection still be cut off after about 15 minutes.

I tried a new modem but the connection still could not last more than 15 minutes while previously it could last for many hours.

Can someone help?  My modem is connected to COM1.  Something wrong with the mother board?

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sintroConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The problem should be just in the dial-up adapter ... click configure on ur modem, there should be a box checked saying disconnect after a certain period of time.. if that's not it..
there aren't anything eles that can cause such a problem unless Call waiting is stuffing it up... other than that rare cause, it should be just the modem setup in dial-up networking...


Do you have anything like NetNanny controlling your access,
i.e., "no more than 15 minutes per connection",
or "no more than 30 minutes per day"?
Do you have any "demonstration" software,
which has its own "time-bomb" installed?
frankfAuthor Commented:
I tried a trial version software called WinTel a few weeks ago.  It has a 15 minutes time limit.  I never actually used the software.  I removed the software after I had that problem.  I followed the instructions exactly from the software vendor.  I thought that time limit only works when you use the software.  It seems that once you have it installed, it takes the control of modem connection time.  I searched all registry keys but could not find any "time limit" prameters.  My PC is also virus free.

But I have installed new OS Windows98 (dual boot with NT). Why it affects 98?

Now the brolem becomes how to get rid off that "time-bomb".  Can you help?  Can I have some details? PLEASE.

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unless the answer from SINTRO works for you,
you should "reject" that proposed-answer.

Look at the 'WIN.INI' file in your WINDOWS directory.
Look for 'RUN=' and/or 'START=' commands,
which may launch the "time-bomb".

frankfAuthor Commented:

I will give a try tonihgt.  But I don't think it is going to work because Win98 was installed after WinTel was removed.  So it is very unlikely that time bomb is in Win98's win.ini file.  

frankfAuthor Commented:
I tried last night with what you suggested.  It did not work.  There was no run or start in my Windows98 WIN.INI file.  I also tried to connect the modem to COM2.  The connection still be cut after 18 minutes.  Actually after 10 minutes, the modem is frozen.  There was no coming data.  Then at about 18 minutes, the connection was lost and Windows prompt me to re-dial again.

I really don't know what to do next.  I have changed the modem.  I have tried different OS and COM ports.  Do I have to change mother board?

What modems (manufacturer and model number) have you tried?

When you use the "dialer", look for an option to "create a log file".
It will be written into your 'C:\WINDOWS' directory.

Also, from 'Control Panels', open 'Network',
and tell the PPP-protocol to create its own log-file.

Then, open a connection.
When it closes, look at the two log-files.

frankfAuthor Commented:

The following is the modem log file.  I tried to let PPP protocol to generate its own log file as you suggested but cannot find such option in Control Panel/Network.  I can only see three items in Network:Dial-up Adaptor, TCP/IP, and Client for MS Network.  Have I missed something?

12-31-1998 14:18:57.10 - Banksia Wave SP 56 in use.
12-31-1998 14:18:57.11 - Modem type: Banksia Wave SP 56
12-31-1998 14:18:57.11 - Modem inf path: BANKSI~1.INF
12-31-1998 14:18:57.11 - Modem inf section: BNK_21
12-31-1998 14:18:57.36 - 115200,N,8,1
12-31-1998 14:18:57.58 - 57600,N,8,1
12-31-1998 14:18:57.58 - Initializing modem.
12-31-1998 14:18:57.58 - Send: AT<cr>
12-31-1998 14:18:57.58 - Recv: AT<cr>
12-31-1998 14:18:57.58 - Recv: <cr><lf>OK<cr><lf>
12-31-1998 14:18:57.58 - Interpreted response: Ok
12-31-1998 14:18:57.58 - Send: AT &F <cr>
12-31-1998 14:18:57.58 - Recv: AT &F <cr>
12-31-1998 14:18:57.59 - Recv: <cr><lf>OK<cr><lf>
12-31-1998 14:18:57.59 - Interpreted response: Ok
12-31-1998 14:18:57.59 - Send: ATE0Q0V0&C1&D2S95=47S0=0<cr>
12-31-1998 14:18:57.59 - Recv: ATE0Q0V0&C1&D2S95=47S0=0<cr>
12-31-1998 14:18:57.60 - Recv: 0<cr>
12-31-1998 14:18:57.60 - Interpreted response: Ok
12-31-1998 14:18:57.60 - Send: ATS7=60S30=0L0M1\N3%C3&K3B0 X4<cr>
12-31-1998 14:18:57.61 - Recv: 0<cr>
12-31-1998 14:18:57.61 - Interpreted response: Ok
12-31-1998 14:18:57.61 - Dialing.
12-31-1998 14:18:57.61 - Send: ATDT;<cr>
12-31-1998 14:18:59.51 - Recv: 0<cr>
12-31-1998 14:18:59.51 - Interpreted response: Ok
12-31-1998 14:18:59.51 - Dialing.
12-31-1998 14:18:59.51 - Send: ATDT########<cr>
12-31-1998 14:19:22.29 - Recv: 158<cr>
12-31-1998 14:19:22.29 - Interpreted response: Informative
12-31-1998 14:19:23.11 - Recv: 77<cr>
12-31-1998 14:19:23.11 - Interpreted response: Informative
12-31-1998 14:19:23.11 - Recv: 67<cr>
12-31-1998 14:19:23.11 - Interpreted response: Informative
12-31-1998 14:19:23.11 - Recv: 173<cr>
12-31-1998 14:19:23.11 - Interpreted response: Connect
12-31-1998 14:19:23.11 - Connection established at 48000bps.
12-31-1998 14:19:23.11 - Error-control on.
12-31-1998 14:19:23.11 - Data compression on.
12-31-1998 14:27:27.26 - Remote modem hung up.
12-31-1998 14:27:29.26 - Recv: <no response>
12-31-1998 14:27:29.26 - WARNING: Unrecognized response.  Retrying...
12-31-1998 14:27:29.28 - Hanging up the modem.
12-31-1998 14:27:29.28 - Send: ATH<cr>
12-31-1998 14:27:29.64 - Recv: 3<cr>
12-31-1998 14:27:29.64 - Interpreted response: No Carrier
12-31-1998 14:27:29.64 - 57600,N,8,1
12-31-1998 14:27:29.64 - Session Statistics:
12-31-1998 14:27:29.64 -                Reads : 27789 bytes
12-31-1998 14:27:29.64 -                Writes: 14449 bytes
12-31-1998 14:27:29.64 - Banksia Wave SP 56 closed.

I don't know what caused "remote modem hang up" and how to fix it..

That is a very common problem that appears here with our users with some modem, we have detected that it could be due two main reasons:

1.- Temperature, the Computer is placed without enough air flow ( desks, boxes, etc)
2.- The TelCo has some troubles with the quality of the line, so it has some interruptions on the signal, the solution for that is to increase the time the modem will wait before hangs up, to do that just add the following string on the extra setting in the modem properties of the dial up networking:    ats10=200
the default value is 13 or 14 so we are seting it to 200.

> 12-31-1998 14:18:57.58 - Send: AT &F <cr>

Other than the wrong system-date,
I see an extra "blank" between 'AT' and '&F'.
That's why you see:
> Recv: 77<cr>
> Recv: 67<cr>
> Recv: 173<cr>

Edit the file described by:
> Modem inf path: BANKSI~1.INF
> Modem inf section: BNK_21

and remove this "extra" blank.

FRANKF, any progress to report?
frankfAuthor Commented:

I have not had chance to try yet.  My daughters keep me very busy.  I hope I would have time to try next week.

I will try what you suggested.  I also suspect that something is wrong with the telephone line.  I will try my computer and the modem in my friend's house to see what will happen.

> My daughters keep me very busy.

Do your daughters have friends?
Does your telephone-service have "call-waiting" alert?

If YES to both, then their friends could be creating an "alert",
when they try to communicate with your daughters, and
your modem could be responding to the alert by hanging-up.

frankfAuthor Commented:

It is clear now that the problem is caused by telephone line.  I took my computer and modem to my friend's house.  It worked fine in there.

Many thanks for all your, and other people's help.

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