Treeview with bold nodes

Posted on 1999-01-20
Last Modified: 2010-05-18
I'd like to do a treeview where the currently selected node and it's parents are drawn with bold text
(maybe even in color?). so it would be more obvious what path is currently selected.
any hints???
I use delphi 3.01  
Question by:pwyss
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Expert Comment

ID: 1362551
I think I saw a free owner draw tree view on DSP.
Try a search on
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Expert Comment

ID: 1362552
Look at Brad Stowers' Homepage ( There you will find extended Tree-/List-View components, which should be able to do what you need.

Please tell me if that helped...

Regards, Madshi.
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Expert Comment

ID: 1362553
Try this:

- Put a TreeView compontent on your form and add some items to it
- Implement the OnCustomDrawItem Eventhandler (See CustomDrawItem under Events in the Object Inspector):

procedure TForm1.TreeView1CustomDrawItem(Sender: TCustomTreeView;
  Node: TTreeNode; State: TCustomDrawState; var DefaultDraw: Boolean);
var r: TRect;
  if Node = Sender.Selected then
    with Sender.Canvas do
      Font.Color := clRed;
      Font.Style := [fsUnderline];
  DefaultDraw := True;

In this example only the selected item is modified. Of course you can change the code to your needs.

Good luck!!!

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Expert Comment

ID: 1362554
Hi Epsylon, you're solution is correct. But I guess it works only with Delphi4, right?

Regards, Madshi.

Author Comment

ID: 1362555
Epsylon, unfortunatly madshi is rigth, in Delphi 3 there is no OnCustomDrawItem Event in TreeView. Guess I have to look at the components on the net...
[or are there any other proposals ??? like deriving a class from TTreeView (TCustomTreeView???) and overriding one or two methodes... ]

thanx anyway

ps: i will add a comment if any of the proposed componets work...
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Expert Comment

ID: 1362556
Maybe you can derive a class and override the Delphi 3 properties and methods with those of Delphi 4. I don't know what the code of Delphi 3 looks like...

I will look into it later this day. Have to install my second computer first.


Author Comment

ID: 1362557
Epsylon: the one you told me is still in beta, I downloaded it, but didn't take a look at it until now.

But I found something, that works on

only question remaining is how does this work. if someone explains this to me he can have the points.

procedure TZTreeView.Bold(node : TTreeNode);
var lev,i : Integer;
    SetNodeState(node, TVIS_BOLD);

procedure TZTreeView.SetNodeState(node : TTreeNode; State : Integer);
  tvi  : TTVItem;
  FillChar(tvi, Sizeof(tvi), 0);
  tvi.hItem := node.ItemID;
  tvi.mask := TVIF_STATE;
  tvi.stateMask := TVIS_BOLD;
  tvi.state := State;
  TreeView_SetItem(node.Handle, tvi);

TTVItem is a packed record:
  TTVItemA = packed record
    mask: UINT;
    hItem: HTreeItem;
    state: UINT;
    stateMask: UINT;
    pszText: PAnsiChar;
    cchTextMax: Integer;
    iImage: Integer;
    iSelectedImage: Integer;
    cChildren: Integer;
    lParam: LPARAM;

seems to be some windows API stuff. Anybody knows what these fields are about, or where I can get information about this?

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Accepted Solution

Epsylon earned 100 total points
ID: 1362558
You can not change colors with this.
The API stuff can be found in the Win32 Programmer's Reference help file. Delphi 3 does not include this file if I'm correct.

Here is how the code works.

Add a TreeView (with some items) and 2 buttons to a new form.
Then add the following code:

procedure SetNodeState(node : TTreeNode; State : Integer);
  tvi: TTVItem;
  FillChar(tvi, Sizeof(tvi), 0);  // fill the record with zeros
  tvi.hItem := node.ItemID;       // assign the node id to the record
  tvi.mask := TVIF_STATE;         // You only want to change the state
  tvi.stateMask := TVIS_BOLD;     // Only allow bold (or normal)
  tvi.state := State;             // copy the wanted state into the record
  TreeView_SetItem(node.Handle, tvi);   // change the node
//  Change(Node);                 // I don't need this in Delphi 4, maybe Delphi 3 does

procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
// set the selected node to bold
  SetNodeState(TreeView1.Selected, TVIS_BOLD);

procedure TForm1.Button2Click(Sender: TObject);
// set the selected node to normal
  SetNodeState(TreeView1.Selected, 0);


Author Comment

ID: 1362559
thank you!

the Change() call is to make the treeview call it's FOnChange() [send the OnCHange event], but I don't need this...


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