Resize all controls when form resize

I would like to resize all controls when the form size change, so the ratio stays the same.
The first expert who give me the working code (not just  ideas) will receive the points. I can give you more points if this is not enough.
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Try this. Let me know if you have problems.
Remember, some of the controls does not have the property like Left. you may need to modify slightly.

Option Explicit
Private InitWidth As Long       ' Form initial Size
Private InitHeight As Long

Private Sub Form_Load()
InitWidth = ScaleWidth
InitHeight = ScaleHeight
Dim Ctl As Control
' °O¿ý¨C­Ó Control ªº­ì©l¦ì¸m¡B¤j¤p¡B¦r«¬¤j¤p, ©ñ¦b Tag Äݩʤ¤
On Error Resume Next '½T«Oleft, top, width, height, TagÄݩʨS¦³¥þ¦³ªºControl
For Each Ctl In Me   '¤]¯à¥¿±`°õ¦æ
    Ctl.Tag = Ctl.Left & " " & Ctl.Top & " " & Ctl.Width & " " & Ctl.Height & " "
    Ctl.Tag = Ctl.Tag & Ctl.FontSize & " "
Next Ctl
On Error GoTo 0
End Sub

Private Sub Form_Resize()
Dim D(4) As Double
Dim I As Long
Dim TempPos As Long
Dim StartPos As Long
Dim Ctl As Control
Dim TempVisible As Boolean
Dim ScaleX As Double
Dim ScaleY As Double

ScaleX = ScaleWidth / InitWidth
ScaleY = ScaleHeight / InitHeight
On Error Resume Next
For Each Ctl In Me
    TempVisible = Ctl.Visible
    Ctl.Visible = False
    StartPos = 1
    ' Ū¨ú Control ªº­ì©l¦ì¸m¡B¤j¤p¡B¦r«¬¤j¤p
    For I = 0 To 4
        TempPos = InStr(StartPos, Ctl.Tag, " ", vbTextCompare)
        If TempPos > 0 Then
            D(I) = Mid(Ctl.Tag, StartPos, TempPos - StartPos)
            StartPos = TempPos + 1
            D(I) = 0
        End If
        ' ®Ú¾Ú¤ñ¨Ò³]©w Control ªº¦ì¸m¡B¤j¤p¡B¦r«¬¤j¤p
        Ctl.Move D(0) * ScaleX, D(1) * ScaleY, D(2) * ScaleX, D(3) * ScaleY
        'Ctl.Width = D(2) * ScaleX
        'Ctl.Height = D(3) * ScaleY
        If ScaleX < ScaleY Then
            Ctl.FontSize = D(4) * ScaleX
            Ctl.FontSize = D(4) * ScaleY
        End If
    Next I
    Ctl.Visible = TempVisible
Next Ctl
On Error GoTo 0
End Sub
Good answer!
Thanks, mcix.
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maryjmillerAuthor Commented:
I can't read the comments. Could you can put them in english? I can increase the points.
O boy... email me at Dalin_N@MailExcite.Com
maryjmillerAuthor Commented:
Thanx for all!
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