How do i make IE5 check my email in every 1 minute and notify me !?

I am using IE5 with Win98, and can anybody tell me how do i config it inorder to make it notify me when new mail is arrived without opening the outlook express?
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intheConnect With a Mentor Commented:
hi clo1,
there is no option to do this
just run outlook minimized ,ie5 is a web browser not a mail client ,
if you want this the easiest is open outlook express
under tools/options
on the general tab for how often to send&recieve just set it to your time and to play a tune so you will hear when new message arrives
and then you could always just make a short cut to outlook in your startup folder then it will start automatically when you boot windows.
Regards Barry
clo1, if the proposed answer doesn't serve your needs, feel free to reject itso others may try and assist you. There are add-ons to do as you desire, whether it's one or 100 mail boxes.
One of the most popular ones is ICQ (
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Bart, I run ICQ for tech reasons, but for the user who wants pop up notification without their mail client running, I've got something a whole lot better and there's little or no overhead (CPU or memory use) involved!
oh i am sorry i never realised that thanks for saying so Dennis
  Reject my answer as it isnt correct

er.. you just accepted my answer ,did you see the comments or do you not want to install plugins?

dennis i read your comments in other questions to and now i see why your no 4,keep up the good work
Regards Barry

Thanks Barry!

Keep going, you'll catch up soon!
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