Ho to Create a dBase DSN in Visual Basic?

I was using Q171146 at http://www.codeguru.com/vb/links/jump.cgi?ID=347 as an example creating my dBase DNS. I set a driver to
strDriver = "Microsoft dBase Driver (*.dbf)",
provided attrributes and hWnd as a parameters for the API function from ODBCJT32.DLL:
intRet = ConfigDSN(hWnd,ODBC_REMOVE_DSN,strDriver, strAttributes)
I was surprized when instead of "ODBC dBase Setup" dialog "ODBC Microsoft Access 97 Setup" dialog appeared. I tried to set it to a different drivers but it alvays displayed  "ODBC Microsoft Access 97 Setup" dialog. What wrong did I do? Maybe I set wrong attributes? What are the attributes for dBase driver anyway, where to fing them?
An example would be appreciated very much.

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arcusdConnect With a Mentor Commented:
'try this code

 strAttribs = "Description=" + "  DataSource" _
          + Chr$(13) + "DBQ=" + "Test.dbf"

   rdoEngine.rdoRegisterDataSource App.Title, _
               "Microsoft dBase Driver (*.dbf)", True, strAttribs

kolobokAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question
kolobokAuthor Commented:
Adjusted points to 100
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Unless you want to remove an existing DSN you should't use ODBC_REMOVE_DSN.  As i understand you want to create a new DSN so specify ODBC_ADD_DSN instead.

Hope it helps.
Best regards.
App.Title will be the DSN

strAttribs = "Description=" + "  DataSource" _
             + Chr$(13) + "DBQ=" + "Test.dbf"

rdoEngine.rdoRegisterDataSource "TEST", _
                  "Microsoft dBase Driver (*.dbf)", True, strAttribs
kolobokAuthor Commented:
ODBC_REMOVE_DSN was just mistyping. I used ODBC_ADD_DSN.
But anyway I was sujjested using different function
SQLConfigDataSource(vbAPINull, ODBC_ADD_DSN, strDriver, strAttributes) and it worked perfectly with the same attributes and parameters.

strDriver = "Microsoft dBase Driver (*.dbf)"
    'Set the attributes delimited by null.
    strAttributes = "DSN=" & strDSN & Chr$(0)
    strAttributes = strAttributes & "DefaultDir=" & strDefDir & Chr$(0)
    strAttributes = strAttributes & "DESCRIPTION=" & strDescr & Chr$(0)
    intRet = SQLConfigDataSource(vbAPINull, ODBC_ADD_DSN, strDriver, strAttributes)

Thank you for your help
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