New drive new processor new problems!

Posted on 1999-01-20
Last Modified: 2010-04-27
I recently upgraded to a Pentium 400 MMX with 196mb of Ram.  I am having nothing but trouble with getting the Windows 95 set up and staying that way without it crashing.  I've installed a 6.48 GB Fujitsu EIDE drive as the main drive so far.  I would like to install a second Maxtor 4.2 GB drive as a slave, (I attempted this will no success the BIOS would not even acknowledge that the drive existed no matter what pin settings I have set, my 1st. drive is on LBA as well as being on the same ribbon as the second drive was, tried using CS cable select mode, nothing works) Oh well,this second drive I will attempt after I correct the current conflict(s).  The Fujitsu drive is new and has been partitioned with Partition majic.  
Do I need a drive utility program such as eg. MaxBlast only one for a Fujitsu drive or is the Partition Majic sufficient?  All in all I have managed to get Win 95 up and running for a short while only till the dreaded errors start appearing such as Explorer.exe has crashed and numerous general protection faults (blue screen) and errors like the system is extremely low in resourses (with 196mb in ram??). There is also the error saying that I am in MSDOS Protection mode paging, located in the system properties dialogue box.  I also have had great difficulty setting up a USR Sportster Winfax 33.6 modem.  Win 95 auto detect is not able to detect the modem or any other devices.  I finally got an old modem (Zoom V.34I, 33.6) which worked, only very slowly!  
So I decided to try and reinstall Windows which results in an error as so "Control Panel settings have changed since you last started windows, close all programs and restart to install"
I have since checked for any viruses on the system; negative.  I am very frustrated at this point and don't know what to do next.  Perhaps the drive itself is faulty?  Hope not!
I am running the 1st edition of Windows 95 (a), and have added the Srevice release pack to upgrade it to version "b", this only seems to worsen the problems.  
If there is one of you out there who has an idea(s) as to what I should do next please please let me know.  I will be greatly indebted.
At this point I have totally cleaned the 'C' drive; formatted it with the command C: format /u.  I have also tried to run the setup through DOS using the C:\setup /p I, command with no success at all
Please Help and thanks a mill in advance!
Question by:macrobie
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Expert Comment

ID: 1020804
First of all, you can not upgrade from version A to version B, there're several seperate version B (OSR2) components that's available from MS but it still doesn't make it version B.  Now, I'm not sure how you've format or partition your HDD, but version A of Win95 doesn't support FAT32 and it only handle HDD up to 2Gb maxium.  Your 6.4Gb should then be partitioned into at least 3 logical drive for it to use it's full capacity.

Have you tried to have your HDD autodetect under Bios?  This is the first step you should do when you put in a new HDD.  Then you should even bother with Partition Magic unless you want to resize the partition after window is installed.  What you should do is boot with the Win95 boot disk and run FDISK and create primary partiition and make it active (2Gb at the most) then create logical partition if you prefer.  Reboot then type format c:/s to format.

Another thing is your motherboard, though I don't think it's the problem here since you're running PII 400, your motherboard should be relatively new.  But on some older motherboard the bios doesn't support large HDD, it's always a good idea to update your motherboard's bios.

Try to follow this path and see how it goes.

Expert Comment

ID: 1020805
Bios setup for the fujitsu 6.48 Gb drive:

Model      Cylinders  heads sectors Capacity(*) Sectors(**)
MPC3064AT     13,410   15     63      6.48 gb     12,672,450

capacity (**)
  6.48 gb

Type these settings in the bios and save them.
If you use fdisk to partition the drive make at least three (3).
If you use partition magic I believe you can have only one (1) if that´s what you want.
Note: Maxblast is native of Maxtor hard drives, its use on other hard drives might cause problems.
Post your progress or problems that you might encounter.


Expert Comment

ID: 1020806
Just thought I'd add a note - we had a maxtor hard drive
and tried to add a new hard disk and reinstall Win 95 and
after hours of problems we tracked the source of them all
to the tsr software which comes with the maxtor hard drives
 - it really messes things up - once we got rid of it everything
was fine. - I think its called max blast and it writes into the
boot sector of your hard disk (much like a virus actually) so
I wouldnt install it if I were you.

Accepted Solution

rmarotta earned 160 total points
ID: 1020807

1)  Be sure drive is properly jumpered and it's parameters are correctly configured, with LBA enabled in your CMOS setup.

2)  Disable any anti-virus option in CMOS setup (very important) while installing Windows.  Save & exit setup.

3)  Run FDISK to delete current partitions and then create the Primary Dos partition (<=2Gb) and make it active.

4)  After re-booting, format the drive and run Windows SETUP.EXE from your CDROM.

Let me know if you need help with creating a startup disk to access the CDROM.

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