Windows will not reinstall on new drive

I recently upgraded to a Pentium 400 MMX with 196mb of Ram.  I am having nothing but trouble with getting the Windows 95 set up and staying that way without it crashing.  I've installed a 6.48 GB Fujitsu EIDE drive as the main drive so far.  I would like to install a second Maxtor 4.2 GB drive as a slave, (I attempted this will no success the BIOS would not even acknowledge that the drive existed no matter what pin settings I have set, my 1st. drive is on LBA as well as being on the same ribbon as the second drive was, tried using CS cable select mode, nothing works) Oh well,this second drive I will attempt after I correct the current conflict(s).  The Fujitsu drive is new and has been partitioned with Partition majic.  
Do I need a drive utility program such as eg. MaxBlast only one for a Fujitsu drive or is the Partition Majic sufficient?  All in all I have managed to get Win 95 up and running for a short while only till the dreaded errors start appearing such as Explorer.exe has crashed and numerous general protection faults (blue screen) and errors like the system is extremely low in resourses (with 196mb in ram??). There is also the error saying that I am in MSDOS Protection mode paging, located in the system properties dialogue box.  I also have had great difficulty setting up a USR Sportster Winfax 33.6 modem.  Win 95 auto detect is not able to detect the modem or any other devices.  I finally got an old modem (Zoom V.34I, 33.6) which worked, only very slowly!  
So I decided to try and reinstall Windows which results in an error as so "Control Panel settings have changed since you last started windows, close all programs and restart to install"
I have since checked for any viruses on the system; negative.  I am very frustrated at this point and don't know what to do next.  Perhaps the drive itself is faulty?  Hope not!
I am running the 1st edition of Windows 95 (a), and have added the Srevice release pack to upgrade it to version "b", this only seems to worsen the problems.  
If there is one of you out there who has an idea(s) as to what I should do next please please let me know.  I will be greatly indebted.
At this point I have totally cleaned the 'C' drive; formatted it with the command C: format /u.  I have also tried to run the setup through DOS using the C:\setup /p I, command with no success at all
Please Help and thanks a mill in advance!
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cbonnarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try ONTRACK'S diskmanager.
It's great at working setting up large drives and operations systems.

When you partitioned your hard disk, was it partitioned as FAT32 or FAT16?  I think Windows 95 uses FAT16. I had more or less the same problems that you did in the case of Windows hanging when I installed Windows 98 on my hd.  I partitioned my hd as FAT16 and I found out that it was supposed to be FAT32. After repartitioning my hd, the Windows crashing stopped (or at least lessened considerably) and I had no more low resources errors.

The first item I'll address is the Windows version.

The upgrade for Windows95 (Service Pack 1) brings it up to Win95 version "A", not version "B".  The "B" version (also called OSR2) introduced the FAT32 file system, among other changes.  It is not available as an upgrade over Win95.
If you're running the original release of Win95, it is not capable of using FAT32.  FAT32 allows you to partition your hard drive using it's full capacity as a single drive letter.

The reason I'm telling you all this is because of the size of your drives.  FAT16 systems are limited to a maximum of approximately 2GB drive size.  Therefore, you will be required to partition your hard drives into sizes of 2GB or less.

So, the first thing for you to do is get the drives set up properly before attempting to install Windows.  Decide how you want to arrange the partitions, and then create and format each one separately.  All this can be done with the tools that come with Windows. (FDISK & FORMAT)

Once that is complete, you can begin the Win95 installation.  You will then install the necessary patches to upgrade Windows for use with your new hardware.

Tell me if you need help with the drive setup, partitioning, or the install, and I can give you more details.

Let me know what you want to do.
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I think those two harddrive types might not be compatible.  In which case you can sell one.  

Also is the second drive (4.2 maxtor) formatted clean before you tried (ie new or used).
- If it had data from a different O/S on it that was not formatted before putting it in this computer, take it back reconnect to original computer and format it (format c: not format c:/s)
- If it is new then trade it in for a fujusiti so no compatiblity problems should be present.
I see you have posted the same question in different areas.

Would you please give us some feedback about what you want to do?

Does the Protection Mode Paging message mention that the MBR has changed? If so You probably have a virus. Win95 contains a means to monitor the Master Boot Record and gives the above error message if the MBR changes.

Your suggestion is not the "answer" to this problem.
Disk Manager is intended to be used on computers whose BIOS does not have the ability to configure drives larger than about 500Mb.

It seems that answers are mistakenly accepted here all the time.
When you accept (grade) the "proposed answer" in the green box, it closes your question and awards the points to that person.  Please reject any answer proposed if it doesn't answer your question, or you are not satisfied that it solves your problem.  Many experts can then participate in a solution for your problem.
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We need some feedback from you now.

Everyone seems to be pointing the finger at your hard drive, but you say that you have just upgraded the system with a new processor. Is it a new Motherboard, did you fit the processor yourself, did you install additional Ram. Is the Board set up correctly?

I think you need to gives us a bit more info before we pinpoint the hard drive as the cause of the error.
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