OS2 Error

Pentium 75, OS2 v3.0, 16 Mb Ram

During Navigator 2.02 browsing, the program will crash and display this message;

SYS3175 - A program in this session encountered a problem and cannot contiune.

This message appear frequently especially after printing a page from Navigator.  I believe it may be a memory or the lack of memory problem.

Please advice.

If it is a memory problem, how do I overcome the problem without upgrading memory.  Upgrading memory is not a possible option at this point in time.

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Have you applied any IBM Fix Packs to OS/2 ?
You should soon -- to make OS/2 "Y2K-ready".
Which printer are you using?
Right-click on the printer-object,
and select the "print-to-disk" option,
and then try to "print".
The output will be written to a file (your choice of filename),
rather than to your printer.
If it still crashes, then you've just ruled-out the possibility
that it's a hardware-problem with the printer.

Install the "generic PostScript" driver.
Try to print to that printer.
If it still crashes, then it's a problem with NN,
since you've switched printer device-drivers.

Report back.

I used to be an OS/2-expert. But havent run it for quite a while.
 So I don't have the handy tools you have.
Could you run
"HELP SYS3175"
Or maybe it was
"HELP 3175"

and give me the information you recieve?
I might be able to help you then.

Dr. Gonzo
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SYS3175: A program in this session encountered a problem and
cannot continue.

EXPLANATION: An access violation exception occurred and was generated
when an attempt was made either to load or store data in an inaccessible
location or to execute an inaccessible instruction.  This exception
corresponds to both the Intel 80386 processor general protection fault
(#13), caused by an invalid access attempt, and the page fault (#14),
caused by an attempt to access an uncommitted page or a page with
incorrect attributes for the desired operation.

ACTION: If you purchased this program, contact the supplier of the
program.  If you are the developer of this program, refer to the
information in the register.

wongjohnAuthor Commented:
Otta/Dr Gonzo,

Thanks for your responses.  To answer some of your questions; yes, the Fix Packs have been applied and printing from non Navigator application is fine.

Any other suggestions?  I will try to contact IBM on the Navigator issue - the version 2.02 is supported by IBM as it is modified to work equalent to a v3.0 by Netscape.

Does it crash with the "print-to-disk" setup, as described above?
wongjohnAuthor Commented:
I have yet to try print to disk as I do not have access to OS2.  My client is reluctant to test that because even when printing is not done, the problem has been encountered.

Moving back and forth web pages, loading Acrobat Reader, etc and eventually, the problem will be encountered.
> My client is reluctant to test that because even when printing is not done, the problem has been encountered.

It's hard to solve a problem without doing some "testing",
unless you can build a computer identical to the client's computer,
and then do all the "testing" on the "test" computer.

Also, disable 'Java' support within Netscape,
and see if the Java-code is causing the problem.
Any progress to report?
wongjohnAuthor Commented:
The problem is hardware related.  The problem occurs only on IBM pcs but not on Compaqs.

Thanks for your time and effort.

How do I still award the points to you for the effort?
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