Can an <option> tag be dynamically modified?

Can the following be done:
An html page contains radio buttons and an option tag (combo box).  If you click one of the radio buttons, a javascript is called that will modify the content (the pulldown options) in the option tag dynamically without reloading a new page.  Can it be done? if so, what is the code (in JVScript or html) that will modify the content of the option dynamically.
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mouattsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Firstly it should  option not options.
Secondly to remove all element from the list you can use option.length=0
Thus you only need to put the options that need to be there and don't need 'empty' ones to fill the gaps.
Yes, but it might not work on some older browsers like IE3 (I think)

<select name=selAnswers>
<option value='a'>16 meters
<option value='b'>12 meters
<option value='c'>14 meters
<option value='d'>other

document.selAnswer.options[0] = new Option('a','New York')
document.selAnswer.options[1] = new Option('b','Chicago')
document.selAnswer.options[2] = new Option('c','Dallas')
document.selAnswer.options[3] = new Option('c','San Francisco')

Hmm..I forgot how to delete the previous options tho, hmm...
The list has got to be filled with x empty options where x is the number of options that will ever be used.
Then, you dynamically assign text and value
// A list
list.options[0].value = "soccer";
list.options[0].text = "Soccer";
list.options[1].value = "basketball";
list.options[1].text = "BasketBall;
list.options[2].value = "hockey";
list.options[3].text = "Hockey";
// Another list
list.options[0].value = "y";
list.options[0].text = "Yes";
list.options[1].value = "n";
list.options[1].text = "No";
list.options[2].value = ""; // Empty, or it will be "hockey"
list.options[3].text = ""; // Empty, or it will be "Hockey"

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When you do like PBall suggests you have to reload for the changes to be made.

  list.options[2].value = ...
  list.options[3].text = ...
should of course be
  list.options[2].value = ..
  list.options[2].text = ...

matalaAuthor Commented:
Thanks, it works with netscape, but not with iexplorer.  How can I make it work in both.
The error in iexplorer 4.0 is "...options is not an object"
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