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When I switch to PC mode I receive a non system disk error. How do I fix this?
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hnminhConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Use fdisk to assign the active partition as your boot partition. You also so can use "fdisk /mbr" to recreate boot code of Master Boot Record.
Sounfs to me that you haven't installed any OS for your PC mode. Did you install your card properly. Which PC card?
Make sure there aren't any Mac floppies in the drive before trying to start the PC.
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jageriAuthor Commented:
The OS for the PC side is installed with the correct configuration of PC Setup intact.
jageriAuthor Commented:
OS installed and I think correctly set up with PC setup
Sorry jageri, what you mean with "PC mode". How can the "PC card" relate to the "PC mode" of your mac. that you you intend to switch to?
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