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How To Use Math.round to round to only two decimal points?

How can you use math.round or a like object to round a number to two decimal places. Could I make this a function? How?
1 Solution
As far as I know round will only round it to the closest integer, so... it's impossible to do this with just round.

However, consider this...

1. if you were to multiple the number by 100
   i.e.  3.1435030 * 100 = 314.35030

2. then round it up
   Math.round(314.35030), you will get 314

3. now, divide it back by 100
   i.e. 314 / 100 = 3.14

4. there you go, your answer is 3.14 (rounded to the nearest 2 decimal places.

so, the function you are looking for is:

function myRound( number , places )
  //heh, I forgot how to do the exponential, so don't laugh :)
  var factor = 10;
  for (var i = 0;i < places;i++) factor *= factor

  return (Math.round(number * factor))/factor

to round it to 3 decimal places, call it as:

myNumber = myRound(number_to_round,3)


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