The use of JPG or GIF pictures in c++?

How pictures, which I have drawn with a painting software, is used in c++?
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Tommy HuiConnect With a Mentor EngineerCommented:
The first place I would look is here:

This is a great Visual C++ library for displaying pictures.
What to you want to to with these pictures? Displaing it, changing  it?
For a jpg-library check
C++ does not provide any features directly associated with graphics.  But most operating systems do, and you can call on features of the operatign system to display or modify the graphics.  What OS are we talking about?  And again what do yiou want to do?
markonAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the tip, but I think it will be difficult for me to understand what is said in the site you mentioned. I am a novice with c++.
  I understand that you have to use libraries to do the conversion of the bmp file to a file c++ can display as an image. I use DOS when displaying the images.

  In QBasic I used data-lines with numbers as colors, pset (pixels) in color given by data and getimage. So I got an image, which I stored into a file.
  I didn't do an image editor in QBasic.
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