Hi everybody!
I'm having probs. I want to implement my own scroll events
to a TRichEdit Component. ( Let's call it RE1 ) By the way:
The direction I want to scroll is X (to the right), not Y (down)

Forget about RE1.ScrollBy( -7, 0), it doesn't bring up the result I want.
I tried RE1.Perform ( EM_LINESCROLL, 7, 0) but that doesn't bring up any result.

Strange enough a (EM_LINESCROLL 0, 10) does scroll the text up. As a matter of fact, it scrolls it right out of my RE1 Window, although the message EM_LINESCROLL is defined => "if the current line plus the number of lines specified by the cyScroll param ( 10 ) exceeds the total number of lines, the value is adjusted so that the last line is scrolled to the top."
Sorry, borlandinprise guys, not in my RE1 !

But back to my prob:
I also tried a SendMessage with EN_HSCROLL, but that doesn't bring up any effect either.

Any ideas why EM_LINESCROLL doesn't take any effect if I try to scroll to the right ?

Oh, by the way: EM_SCROLLCARET does work, but again isn't what I want.

Greetings, Oli
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bruintjeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi Oli,

I don't know why EM_LINESCROLL didn't work, couldn't find a direct right scroll command in any implementation except for the J++ class wrapper around the Richedit control.

Got to work it out myself, after trying ScrollWindowEx that worked with SB_PAGEDOWN I did the following

procedure TForm1.Button3Click(Sender: TObject);//button3 is the 3rd different implementation :O)
  CountLines: Integer;
  I  : Integer;
  CountLines := 50; //your value
    for I := 0 to Countlines - 1 do begin
      SendMessage(Richedit1.Handle, { HWND of the Memo Control }
        WM_HSCROLL, { Windows Message }
        SB_LINERIGHT, { Scroll Command }
        0) { Not Used }
  except on E: Exception do
      Showmessage('Error scrolling lines down the reason > ' + E.Message);

And it worked for scrolling to the right.
btw You can also use ScrollWindowEx in this way to scroll in two dimensions at the same time :O).

Why the EM_LINESCROLL didn't work I don't know, but I hope this will get you further.
Oli2Author Commented:
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Oli2Author Commented:
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Or look at GetScrollInfo/SetScrollInfo...

Regards, Madshi.
Oli2Author Commented:
it works just perfect.
Thanx, bruintje.
Madshi: thanx also for your comment. I'll take a look at xxxScrollInfo also.

Greetings, Oli
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