I need help with my HP OfficeJet LX Printer

Title: "I need help with my HP OfficeJet LX printer"
   From: alno
                           Date: Thursday, January 21 1999 - 10:03AM PST
      Up until now my printer was working great. Now when I try to print from the internet I get an error message through my FirstAid program as follows: "Spool32,
   C:/Windows/System/Spool32.EXE". Then it will not print & the HP print window stays on my screen.I have windows 95 and my version of First Aid is First Aid Deluxe.

   I am a 70 year old novice in the computer area and need help. Can someone please help me?

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bladyConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Sometimes when you have a dos based program open and a windows program running HP Office Jet printers get hung up and will lock up your PC.  

Please make sure that you do not have dos games or programs open when you go on to the internet.  Simply close other programs running on your computer and it should prevent the "Spool 32 error" and your pc from locking up on you.

another option for you would be to click on the information you wish to print and highlight it, copy it and paste it into a word processing document.  Save it there and print it once you are off line.

I hope these suggestions help

Asta CuCommented:
What version of First Aid?
What version of Windows?
I've seen lots of problem reports at Microsoft with various Windows versions pointing to FirstAid, so it would help a lot if you can provide us with a little more about your environment.

Hoping to help.
Asta CuCommented:
I couldn't find any reference to the printer you've listed at HP, but perhaps using the link below, and knowing a model number will prove helpful.


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Asta CuCommented:
One other HP OfficeJet resource link for Yr 2000 compliance, perhaps this link can help with additional research.
alnoAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question
alnoAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question
Asta CuCommented:
Since there are different versions of First Aid Deluxe, this link should help you.

The above link regards this:
First Aid 95 Deluxe
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