registering ocx,dll and vbx files?--do i have to?problems?

when using small hacking progs--- do vbx,dll,and ocx files that i downloaded seperately have to be registered wiht something like regsvr32 or is just putting them in win/sys enuf? --- and if i put a lot of these files(and i mean a lot cuz most progs dont come with readmes and u just find out thru word of mouth that a certain prog need a few files so i downloaded about 300)in windows system(registered or not).....will it cause probs within windows if a lot of them are not used by any progs whatsoever?
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dew_associatesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Marl, I've researched the files and related progs that you have posted and it seems that while you have the code, you weren't given the actual software packages you need to run them. Some are from VB, Visual C++ and Sheridan. You will need each to run these programs.
small hacking progs..... :))
well... it depends on the ocx files the programm distributes...
and yes.. you have to register them (if they are not yet..)
and yes.. it will cause problems...
a suggestion...
if you like hacking (and i mean real hacking) go and buy linux
Bad and smart-eleck Answer,

Back you registry up before you register your files then do them like this:

First Things First
How to Register DLL, Ole, Oxb, Vxd, Jpg's & other files.

Usually this is only needed for installation of OLE and OXB files. I'll use "OLEAUT32.DLL"
In C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEMS There is a file called 'regsvr32.exe'.
It goes like this:
Go to the Start Menu: Run: Type : regsvr32.exe c:\windows\system\oleaut32.dll Hit enter...
This SHOULD generate a message box that says it has been properly registered in the
system. That's a good thing. :-) Make sure you have 'regsvr32.exe' in your
Windows\system. If not Extract it from your Win95 CDROM.
NOTE: An alternative method of registering DLLs is to use Windows Explorer to find the
DLL; then, double-click it, in the Open With Box select Regsvr32.exe, and click OK. This
creates a permanent association of all DLLs with Regsvr32.exe. You can easily register
other unregistered DLLs by double-clicking them.

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marlAuthor Commented:
ive tried both methods that u explained for registering these files and i succeed in registering some of them but for most(mostly vbx-but some dll andother types)--i keep getting errors:one example is:
 "LoadLibrary (C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\cyswskctl.vbx) failed.
  GotLastError returns 0x000001f"  
but the error i get most of the time is this:
DLL REGISTERSERVER may not be exported, or a corrupt version of C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\cygwin.dll may be in memory.  Consider using PVIEW to detect & remove it."
Now, i dont even know what PVIEW is and i dont have it on my system/hdrive ---- i also never had a lot of these files on my system b4 i got the errors so i dont see how they can be in memory ---------------------what should i do?just let me know if u want me to list the files ive gotten the errors with so far......(could there be another way to register some of these files?)
I suggest you reopen the question.

tasgeo has it locked. reject it.

Hi Marl!  (thanks for the invitation Bud!)

Marl, are you running any of the Visual Basic programs on your system, such as Visual J or Visual C+ ?

The file you have psoted such as cyswskctl.vbx and cygwin.dll don't belong to the Win 98 package or any of it's components.

Pview is used to shut down certain programs that won't shutdown on their own and need to be terminated, such as personal web server etc.

List the files your having trouble with, and it might help if you let us know if your doing any form of programming.
marlAuthor Commented:
i am not running visual j or visual c+ on my system .... these files are needed by small hacking progs that others wrote in those languages or with those programs... these are some of the files
Cswskctl.vbx       failed                                      311.dll           failed
Ipport.vbx             failed                                     Apiguide.dll       failed
Dssock32.ocx      succeeded                            Cmdialog.vbx        failed
Ipdaem32.ocx      succeeded                              Guage.vbx          failed
Ipp20.vbx            failed                                       Msole2.vbx           failed
Oc25.dll               failed                                      Percnt2.vbx         failed
P16tcpb4.vbx        failed                                     Rotext.vbx            failed
P16udpb3.vbx        failed                                     Spin.vbx               failed
Saxtabs.vbx          failed                                      SS3d.vbx           failed
Winsck.ocx           succeeded                             Ss3d2.vbx          failed
Cygwin.dll              failed/corup t                         Ssformfx.vbx        failed
mswinsck.ocx        succeeded                             Ssidxfab.vbx        failed
Rich32.ocx            succeeded                             vbmsg.vbx          failed
Msvbvm50.dll         succeeded                              vbunz.vbx            failed
fs.ocx                    succeeded                              vbwfind.dll          failed
cswsock.vbx          failed                                     vbstr.dll                failed
icmp.dll                  failed/corupt                           cloc.vbx             failed
comdlg32.dep        failed                                        dbpush.vbx       failed
frmmain.frx              failed
cals.frx                 failed                                         scrnsave.frx      failed
comdlg32.oca         failed
comdlg32.ocx          failed
mfc42d.dll             failed/corupt
mfcn42d.dll            failed/corrupt

so what should i do--- any suggestions--- any other  way to register these files?
mfco42d.dll            succeeded
msvcrtd.dll            failed corrupt

Marl, it seems that some of the data links are failing or corrupted, and in some cases are reliant on code that wasn't given to you. The SS3D2 files are part of the Sheridan Control Software, so without the source and the body your stuck. Msole is part of Visual Basic. Again, without Visual Basic components, these can't be loaded. You've got some missing files that you need, and probably some of the originating programs as well.

Please re-open the question so in the end Dennis, the one that's helping you may post the correct solution.


Thank you and Regards,
Bud Allen

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marlAuthor Commented:
- if i were to install visual basic......would that help as far as getting some of these progs to work?
It would for those that rely on visual basic. As for those that are part of the Sheridan Control package, you would have to see if that relies on Sheridans core components or VB.
marlAuthor Commented:
cuz they told me to
LOL, let me know if you need more Marl!
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