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I recently have had some trouble with my computer but having things up and running again. When i look under my control panel there is a third hard drive now? My master drive is my c drive 2.5 gig my other drive is the slave at 11.5 gigs / then there is another drive the e drive which i dont know where  that came from? I havent partitioned my large drive how do I get rid of the drive in my control panel / i cant save anything to this drive either.
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smousConnect With a Mentor Commented:

If you are running a Win95/98 Operating System I will have to disappoint you.  Win95/98 won't create any partition bigger than 8 Gb.  It automatically makes a second partition because of the sizelimit on this operating system.  There's no solution to make it one partition.

From a command prompt, try the FDISK /STATUS command for a report on any partitions in your system.
Post the results here.
If you need help, jusat ask.
rigellAuthor Commented:
how do i check fdisk status/ when i try to run fdisk it tells me i might be able to run other programs ?

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The syntax is important on any command.  Be sure to type it exactly as I showed above. (with a space after FDISK, before the slantbar)
I'm afraid I don't know what kind of an error you're getting from what you describe.
Please post the error exactly as it appears on the screen.

>>(with a space after FDISK, before the slantbar)

With or without the space, it runs the same.

Are you sure the E drive is not your cdrom drive!? If it isn't your cdrom, in the command prompt type FDISK and you will see what is your drive E!? Also check if your C and D are 14 gig together
What Operating System is this?

If it is 95, then the fdisk /status will work. If status is not working, then just go into FDISK, and choose option 4 (DO NOT CHOOSE ANY OTHER OPTION! Or else you can destroy a partition). Let us know if there is a option #5, and what that info says.

If you are in NT, then go to Start > Programs > Administrative Tools > Disk Utils. Read the information in there.

If you have another OS on there, let us know.

Question: How big is your HD? Have the original partitons reduced in size with this new partition?

You said that another drive specification is in Contol Panel. What happens when you remove the device? Does it come back?

Next, go into the Config.sys and see if there is a line that says LastDrive= in there. If it is, let me know what the letter is.

I am wondering if you put in a compressed volume. If Last Drive is set to E:, then the compressed volume will be on E:

Let me know

FDISK/STATUS works for me from a DOS window within WIN 95B.  To be absolutely sure, you can do this after booting to DOS with a WIn95B floppy containing fdisk.exe, but I don't think that's necessary.  What letter is your CD ROM?  But first, we need the fdisk/status results.

have you compress your drive?
maybe it is the host for your drive.
We need some response in order to assist you with your problem.
Any progress to report?

In a win95 or 98 machine, running FAT32, you CAN create drives over 8 gigs in size.

The problem is that the FIRST PARTITION will not create over 8 gigs, because there is a limitation within FAT 16 and the BIOS. Fat16 partitions cannot go over 2 gig, but FAT 32 and NTFS have limitations in the Terabit range.

It is sounding like you have FAT32 on your machine, and this is the Hidden drive.

Only problem is that we need input from you rigell at this time.
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