i have a command box but i do not know how to set the command to do an action when u click it.
How do u?
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In the programming Environment:

1. create a form (Form1)
2. add a command button (Command1)
3. double-click on Command1
    the following code window will appear:
         Private Sub Command1_Click()

         End Sub

4. Add a line of code between the two code lines so the whole sub-routine looks as follows:

         Private Sub Command1_Click()

           MsgBox "Hello World", vbOKOnly

         End Sub

5. press the "F5" key

6. click on the Command1 button

7. a message box should appear

If you double click the command button, it will open the Form Code Module and place you within the click event.  

You could write some code to bring up a Message Box, like this
Sub Command1_Click()

   MsgBox "Hello World!",VbInformation,"The world's oldest and most over-used demo"

End Sub

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is mcix comment is exactly what you want?

man, I dont' want to rude, but it is impossible to answer a question like this. You have to let us know a little bit more...
Imposible.. for me sorry....!
VB is an events driven lan. You would put your code in the event you want to fire up. Mcix shows you a prefect example for responding to the click event. You could put code in the mouseover event if you want something to happen when the user moves his/her mouse over the control.
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