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Posted on 1999-01-24
Last Modified: 2013-12-18
This is a part of the Debbug information after having pressed the ESC button while using a database based on the template discussion. The administrator says that the problem will be solved with the next version of Lotus notes. We are currently using the Version 4.6. What exactly is the Problem?
  *          Quincy for Win32  Rev 2.00          *
  *  Copyright 1995-7, Lotus Development Corp.   *
  *             All righs reserved              *
  *          Abnormal Termination Report         *
Portions Copyright (C) 1985-1993 Microsoft Corp. All rights reserved.

Quincy has detected the following fatal exception
Please report this crash to the vendor of the faulting application:
 App: E:\notes\nlnotes.exe (PID=0xAD) ""
 When: 1/18/1999 @ 14:6:43.820
 Exception Number: 0xC0000005 (access violation)
 Exception Flags:  0x00000000 (continuable)
 Notes Build: Version 4.6 24. Oktober 1997      
Question by:bifi

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ID: 1117983
The problem is NOT related to your version of Notes since it should not occur at all.  Could you let me know what else is running on the PC from startup.

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ID: 1117984
I disagree with the comment above.  It does have to do with notes, at least partially, since the nlnotes executable threw the exception.  In Lotus documentation they mention that a controlled access section which is blank can cause similar problems, and is fixed in 4.62.
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ID: 1117985
Apologies, I meant that the problem is not related to your VERSION of Notes as such as I can get the same thing in 4.5x...but I'm buggered if I ever completely cured it!
I am coming round to the theory that it is related to other, newer dll's that have been installed by another program.

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ID: 1117986
What does "...that a controlled access section which is blank can cause similar problems" exactly mean? What is a controlled access section? Is this a section of the memory? How can I / the users work around the problem?

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ID: 1117987
How often does the problem occur ? It must happen under very specific circumstances because I have never encountered this problem. Does it only happen when you are using a database based on the discussion template?

Give me all the information you can pls.

Accepted Solution

phooey earned 100 total points
ID: 1117988
Does this happen on ALL client machines?
If it does then check that the design of the database has not been 'amended'.

If it does not then I suspect you have either a corrupt or newer dll.  Find a shareware utility to watch dll's and report on currupt ones (I think this does..but I have not checked:
If it finds a corrupt dll then replace it with the one on a machine that works correctly and everything should be fine.

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ID: 1117989
It might also be related to memory size and/or page file size. Access violation is a general NT way to say that 2 programs are trying to use the same address space, but might also be seen when NT runs out of memory, or the page file is too small. (I do not know if you're running NT of course but it seems that way)

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