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Posted on 1999-01-25
Last Modified: 2012-05-04
Kind of a two part question here it goes. When using VB cna you access an Access DB? I am pretty sure you can but is the Access DB then become part of the VB executable or is it still an Access MDB file? Any way to make this unnaccessable to the typical user who has Access? Part two: Is using a DB the best method for data storage, or would a different type of data file storage be a better solution?
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1)Yes you can attach to an Access .MDB file from VB using either bound or unbound controls w/ RDO/ADO or DAO.
2)No the MDB file will still be a seperate file.
3)The only thing you can do, to the best of my knowelege is to password protect the database.
4)What is best is often an exercise in what works best for you.  Both in terms of implementation and end product functionality.  DB files will provide a lot of functionality in a short manner of time.  If #3 (security is more of an issue to you) you might look at other possibilities such as up-scaling to MS Sequel or going to encrtpyted flat files

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You are able to access an Access DB. I have used it when I created a Financial Management System for Canadian Tire Stores. I believe that when you create the exe, it just combines all your code and forms into one file. The mdb is still seperate. As for the best type of data storage... it is what I used for the FMS. You are able to use a text file and encrypt it, but not only will it take much more code to encrypt/decrypt it, but it will also be more difficult to access the data within the file.

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Can you password protect the DB and still access it from VB? If so do you have to do something special in VB to access it once it is password protected? Also how do you go about encrypting a flat file?
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To the best of my knoweldge you can.  I working with MS Sequel.  No Access in the last couple of years.

The following url's address your question re accessing an Access MDB - the second focuses on the password issue.

Encrypting Flat files - Where do we start.  There are dozens if not hundreds of encryption schemes out there.  Most of them written by people alot smarter than me.  A simple encryption scheme would be to generate a random number (key) then go through a data stream 1 character at a time and running a simple caluculation against it.  Then storing the calculations result rather than the actual character value in the file.  To read the file, you just reverse the calculation.  In order for the file to be read, you would need to know the key and the calculation to read the file easily.

Author Comment

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Thanks Traygreen, what I needed to know about access, watch for my next question, I now want to know differences between access and sequel in laymens terms. I took a look on MS web sight and it wasn't a comparison that I would have liked. Thanks again.

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Thanks Traygreen, exactly what I needed to know about access, watch for my next question, I now want to know differences between access and sequel in laymens terms. I took a look on MS web sight and it wasn't a comparison that I would have liked. Thanks again.

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