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Posted on 1999-01-25
Last Modified: 2010-07-27

I want to know those. Can you help me?

1. What does the breakpoint(a computer-related term) mean?

2. Which is prefered by you hot key or accelerator?

3. what is the exact meaning "-specific" for example, application-specific?

4. what is the meaning "use cases" in "What are typical interactions between these external entities and your system? This is documented by "use cases".

Thank you for reading, and I really want to see the light.

Would you help me?
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I can get 1 of the 4....

Breakpoint is specific place you set in a program so that when the program is run it will stop executing upon reaching the breakpoint which you have set.  This allows for you to debug you application.

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Thank you for your answer.
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me too have 1 answer [I Think]

an application-scpecific , is the documents that describes the work of the application ' User specs, tech spec , GUI specs


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1)  cyber_bandit covered this.

2)  "Hot key" generally refers to a certain key or key-combination used to execute a task that would usually require more keystrokes.
  An "Accelerator" generally refers to a high-performance video card.

3)  I think "application-specific" refers to a property or event that is related to a certain program. (i.e.  A certain 3-letter file extension might be application-specific)

4)  "uses cases"?  Perhaps you are referring to "case-sensitive", meaning the difference between capital and lowercase letters used for commands or filenames.

I hope this helps.

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1) cyber_bandit is correct; breakpoints (usually a VB term) stop running code, usually for the purpose of tracing a variable.

2) I would have to say I prefer the hot-key, as they are used in applications as shortcuts.  Accelerators, in programs, sometimes refers to automating programs to take certain actions based on preceding actions; I trust an operator more than I trust an operating system.

3) "-specific", as a suffix, means that is where the "action" is taking place.  Application-specific usually means standard application execution excluxsively; server-specific means a transaction is taking place solely on the server.

4) Use Cases:  A "Use-Case Scenario"  is pretty much a question asked by a programmer to find out how your business runs, with the UCS being the answer; i.e. what situations happen in your business, and how do you want them dealt with?

It sounds to me like you are in the process of developing some custom software.  If this is the case, please, PLEASE:  Ask more questions.  A reputable programmer will have no problem taking the time to discuss issues like this.  And one hour saved in the development(requirements/detail design) phase is usually worth TEN hours in the coding/testing phase.

If you need anything else, let me know; if this answers your question, I'll repost for the points.

Good Luck,


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Your 4th question is a huge area.  You are basically asking about the process to take a real world situation and how it interacts with the objects (entities) within your system.

This takes a good knowledge of the real world process, as well as how the system is put together.  We have used use cases for years, and they help alot..they find cases that you would not think of, but need to handle.  But..they do take lotsa time to develop on a large system.

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Thank you Zen very much.

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Your response seems to mean you are OK with my answer, so I post this for your offered points.



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