Is it possible to create a (.)c file compiling in Visual Studio 6.0

I need to get familar with the Visual Studio development tool using Visual C++.  For the time-being, I want to create .c code not .cpp.  How is this done and how can I set the interface/workspace so that there aren't 450 options to click on.  The default interface is entirely too busy in my opinion.

I desire a step by step response to create a new workspace that will compile in C.

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pellepConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Choose the tab 'projects'.
Select Win32 Application or Win32 Console Application.
Fill in desired name and press OK.
Choose tab 'files'
select c++ source file, BUT when specifying FileName, add extension '.c' (like myfile.c).
Voila. The code in that file will compile using c-compiler.
John500Author Commented:
Ok, great.  Can I tack on one or two more simple questions?  That is:

I have compiled code and now have errors.  The errors are listed in the docked window.  How can I get more info on each error?  For example, in Borland, if you hit the F1 key, the help file is launched on the appropriate error subject.

John500Author Commented:
In addition to the last (unanswered) question.  What menu will enable me to choose that the program be compiled in ANSI?

Errors: select the error you wish to get help on (doubleclick it) place the marker over the errornumber and hit F1

ANSI: If you make sure you only use ANSI-compliant functions and. The standard C/C++ libraries are all ANSI-compliant. To disable all microsoft specifics, in your project do
chose c/c++ tab.
choose 'customize' category
select 'Disable language extensions'
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