Problem with migration from VC5++ to VC6++

 I have multithreaded server application, which use Winsock1.1. wrote in VC5++. I have installed the VC6++,
after converting the project to this version, when I try to
debug or execute my app, I got the following messages in different message boxes:
 "The MyApp.exe file is linked to missing export MFCN42D.DLL:368."->with title"Error starting program.";
 "Could not execute: the device attched to the system is not functioning (Win 32 error: 31)" with title "Microsoft VisualC++", and when I click OK, I got:
"Couldn't execute program".
(I had the same problem whit a downloaded example from thr Internet, but with VC5++...).
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arbitraryConnect With a Mentor Commented:
try deleting intermidiate file . or even better your whole debug/release directories.
that should do it

tmolnarAuthor Commented:
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